Hair Care Now Focuses on Women on the Move | Matsui Hair Studio Bumps Up Services for The Modern Woman


To address the growing number of women on the move, Matsui Hair Studio bumps up its salon services for convenient, fast and high quality treatments.

Gone are the days when women are mostly found at home. Throughout the years, women have seen diversified roles with combinations like being a homemaker but also a career-oriented or business-driven individual. There are now opportunities for ladies to take part in allowing them to be on the move. These new sets of opportunities require more than just balancing schedules but also maintaining a healthy body and look. According to studies, women who want to look just as good should engage in exercise and a healthy diet. Nothing ensures a good tone and hair than sticking to a healthy regimen.

Likewise, knowing how to handle hair health and style while on the move can do wonders for anyone. Some women fear being too active because they might lose out on their hair or ruin their crowning glory. It does not have to be such. Sweat and dirt damage are best managed controlling salt build up, cleansing roots along with shampooing and conditioning the locks.

Matsui Hair Studio understands how best to manage hair and styles depending on a woman’s lifestyle. The company offers a range of services based on the client’s hair type, lifestyle and preferences. The company now offers a diversified range of services that can suit women on the go or pursuing different lifestyles. Services include:

  • cut, wash and blowdry for ladies
  • director cut
  • wash and blowdry
  • wash and style
  • upstyles

Other services include:

  • protein treatment
  • two steps repair treatment
  • scalp treatment
  • deep moisturizing treatment
  • hair and scalp treatment
  • keratin treatment

Texture services, on other hand, include:

  • rebonding
  • soft rebonding
  • steam rebonding
  • Japanese perm
  • digital perm
  • Japanese treatment perm

Matsui promises a selection of professional stylists specifically trained under the company’s head and director. From the edgy streets and posh streets of Japan, clients in Singapore can choose from a variety of cuts, lobs and cuts for their everyday look.

Maintaining a natural and healthy hair is a must for every woman but professional services ensures the locks and tips do not lose out. For active and busy women, it can be difficult to keep track on how to manage the waves, curls and roots. Matsui Hair has the right set of team to attend to just that. Clients can sit down for a consultation to plan out their hairstyles, shades and hair maintenance.

About Matsui Hair Studio:
Matsui Hair Studio is a highly recommended hair salon in Singapore founded by director, Matsui Akiyoshi, who is trained both locally and in Japan to bring the “Tokyo-street” style onto clients in Singapore. The company offers a range of services including ammonia free hair dye, japanese haircut, hair highlights, soft rebonding, perming and other hair treatments. To know more about their services, visit their site at:

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