Health benefits of Pre natal and Post natal massage for New moms


Press-Release-Mummy-Massage - CopyMummy’s massage is Singapore’s leading pre-natal and post natal massage therapy, the aim is to help the new mothers to overcome their challenges and their transition into motherhood.

The company has offered several services such as pre natal and post natal massage, miscarriage massage and slimming massage.

The birth of your newborn baby will bring joy, and give great changes in your life, hence it is vital for new mothers to obtain an adequate support emotionally.

To be a mother, it requires strenuous, and intellectually demanding task that you may have to amend your life, it is important for new mothers to adapt the non-pregnant state and changes in their life.

Prenatal massage is an essential way to heal and ease discomfort in new mother’s body associated with pregnancy, and also help the mother to be mentally prepared for labor and give her nurturing emotional support.

The massage is to improve the circulation and mobility, and relieve immediate symptoms during pregnancy. The benefits that mothers can reap from prenatal massage – to ease sore spots, circulation and to alleviate some tense muscles.

This massage also would decrease stress and helping the mothers to cope with discomfort that may occurs throughout the pregnancy.

It has been widely reported that the massage also does not only helps with shortening labor hours, but alleviate the postnatal complications significantly.

Post Natal massage works specifically for mothers who have just given birth. This massage can help the mothers lessen the uneasiness of afterbirth.

Benefits of post natal are following:

  • Medical reasons: to lessen swelling and surgery adhesion.
  • Health and Vitality : rejuvenate the body, give feeling more fresh and energetic, and also decrease the depression and anxiety
  • Pain Management: improves body posture, eases aches low back pain, heal the injured and fatigue muscles.
  • Slimming: Re-shape and restores your body with massage therapy and flatten tummy.

Jamu massage
The traditional jamu massage originated in Indonesia as a method of the purpose of healing diseases and healthcare.

Jamu also known as herbs in Malay language that were used in the massage therapy, and mummy’s massage has infused the “jamu” specifically in their post natal massage programs.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health is mobilising its efforts in promoting Malay post- natal care practice, and believes the Malay-post natal practice is one of the most effective ways for the purpose of motherly well-being.

About Mummy’s massage: Mummy’s massage has offered variety services in helping the new mother to adapt their lives to motherhood. The therapists have vast experiences in pre natal and post natal industry. For more information: visit

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