SATA CommHealth or the Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association, an award winning social enterprise cum voluntary welfare organization which continues to serve the public with a comprehensive range of health screening and general practitioner services provides preventive healthcare and offers talks on nutrition and cooking demonstrations. The talks are designed to inform and educate the public on healthy living and staying positive. SATA CommHealth provides talks for Nutrition and Wellness in where people will be informed about different things regarding the overall health of a human.

First is about Weight Management. SATA CommHealth stands that with countless diet products and programs, it would seem easy to lose weight. However, many of these irresistible gimmicks simply do not deliver the results they promise. They aim to teach people on how to manage weight in a healthy way that works.

They also offer a talk entitled Look after Your Heart: A Nutrition Talk on Cholesterol. SATA CommHealth says that people need to forget about what they know about eggs, seafood, margarine and others.

Because hardly a week goes by without a report claiming that a particular food or activity will reduce cholesterol levels. Through this talk, they aim to deliver an update on food and cholesterol. And help people to discover why eating for a healthy heart is not as spartan and rigid as they thought.

Other talks being offered by SATA CommHealth are as follow:

 Healthy Eating: Can It Prevent Cancer?
Get updated on the latest research on naturally occurring food chemicals (phytochemicals) and how they reduce the risk of cancer. Do health supplements prevent cancer? Discover practical tips for healthier eating habits.

 Nutrition & Fitness
Many people are physically fit but not nutritionally sound. Find out how to improve your nutritional fitness, athletic performance and overall health and well-being. Duration:1 hour

 Enhancing My Health
Do not wait till you are sick to take charge of your health! Find out what healthy eating is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet ok? How about a vitamin & mineral supplement if I don’t have enough fruits & vegetables? Be proactive and see how easy it is to take simple steps to enhance your health.

 Understanding Food Labels & Its Nutritional Meaning
Find out how to read food labels and what it means to select healthier food products with this knowledge. Samples of food products will be brought in for participants to have a first hand practical experience of reading food labels.

 Healthier Hair & Better Skin
Is it all about using expensive hair conditioners and high class cosmetics? The health of your hair and skin reflects the balance of nutrients and the general state of health. Although cleansing and moisturizing is an important part of a skin health routine, it is not enough to just look after the surface.

Find out what health giving foods and lifestyle habits are essential for healthier hair and better skin.

 Healthy Eating For Children: Fussy Eaters
Understand a primary school child’s nutritional requirements and how to provide them in a most effective & engaging way. What do you do with an overweight child?

Many children are also frustratingly selective about what they would eat? Do they need to take brain foods to maximise their intellectual potential? Some action tips on how to provide an adequate and balanced diet.

 Wellness For Women: A Guide To Good Nutrition For Women
Women should be more aware of their general health and the diseases that they are prone to have.

Certain food and dietary patterns can assist you tremendously in dealing with various health risks like osteoporosis, breast cancer and weight gain in mid life.

 Weight Control: What Really Works!
This course helps you to understand that fad diets, gimmicks and slimming aids do not help with weight control. Learn how to manage your diet in a healthy way. Make your mind your ally. Self-esteem is your foundation for successful weight control. Identify hidden attitudes and beliefs that sabotage weight control. Learn a safe, simple and fast technique to easily overcome cravings.

 Overcoming Hypertension
Is it all about cutting down on salt and MSG to reduce hypertension or high blood pressure? Research has shown that other healthy foods help as well. Stress is a major contributory factor to the development of hypertension. Attend Mind-body stress relief at work to learn how to gain control of emotions and thoughts to optimise better work performance with safe, simple and fast self-help techniques.

 Have A Happy Tummy!
Gain practical tips to reduce common gastrointestinal symptoms like constipation, indigestion, gastritis, etc. In addition to looking at eating habits, one must realize that stress is a major factor in the cause and severity of gastrointestinal problems. Learn simple, effective & fast action steps to relieve emotional stress and achieve stomach comfort.

 Helping Children With ADHD: Nutritional & Behavioral Strategies
For parents who have children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), how do you recognise in attention, hyper activity and impulsive acts? Does a child’s diet (additives,sugar,etc) influence his behavior? Does supplementation with long chain polyunsaturated fat improve the performance of children with learning disabilities? Learn four essential ingredients of constructive discipline that helps your child successfully manage his own behavior.

 Menopause: Eating Well & Staying Cool
You will receive food suggestions, supplement recommendations as well as natural strategies for dealing with the often disturbing and confusing symptoms of menopause. Find out how to resolve the worries and emotional challenges related to your bodily changes in menopause.

 Better Sleep
Whether your problem is an inability to fall asleep, frequently waking up during the night, or feeling in the morning that you haven’t had a good sleep, there are several nutritional and lifestyle factors that can improve your ability to sleep well. Discover Facts & common Fictions about insomnia and learn how to reduce daytime stress and create deep sleep at night with the Relaxation Response. Duration:1.5 hours

SATA CommHealth likewise offers talks with cooking demonstration, still in line to the goal of promoting overall health to people of all ages. Among the talks about foods mainly are as follows:

 Yoghurt For Health
Discover the goodness of yoghurt once you know the reasons why it should be in your menu everyday.
Know how to select and buy yoghurt and ways to incorporate it in your diet. All participants get to make their own yoghurt parfait.

 2 + 2 Eating Well With Fruits & Vegetables
Learn why fruits and vegetables are important as part of the regime necessary for good health. The talk also gives tips on how to handle, prepare and cook fruit and vegetables to preserve their nutrients.

 Fiber In Your Diet – Heart Healthy Diet
Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? Most of us don’t. Why is fiber good for us?Fiber helps keep your digestive system healthy, slows down absorption of sugars in your diet, aids in weight control and helps to control cholesterol. Get tips on adding more fiber to your diet to boost your health.

 10 Amazing Disease Fighting Foods
Learn how you can do a world of good for your body with these powerhouse disease fighting foods.

SATA CommHealth is guided by its core values. They are anchored to providing services with compassion, dedicated to show care and concern for the health of the community, especially for the sick and needy. The medical team and staff likewise show respect and treat everyone with dignity, fairness and professionalism. They are as well in pursuit of excellence, for the highest standard of clinical and service quality. The social enterprise acts with accountability, integrity and responsibility in delivering their commitments. Moreover, they foster camaraderie and solidarity amongst their staff and also their partners. And most importantly, they work on with empowerment enabling their patients to take ownership of their health and well-being.

SATA CommHealth or the Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association is an award winning social enterprise cum voluntary welfare organization which continues to serve the public with a comprehensive range of health screening and general practitioner services. For more information,visit:

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