Healthy Lifestyle


The world is rushing by at an alarming rate that there is almost no time for anything else apart from work. Youngsters today are so focused in achieving their life goals that the most important aspect of life is neglected. Work and play balance are not taken seriously. Health is neglected. With neglected health, the future is bleak with ailments and diseases. A healthy lifestyle incorporates healthy eating and consistent workout. A routine which consists of healthy food and consistent workouts should be made a way of life. Fit body, fit mind.

Food and Exercise

Taking care of the food you put into your body is the easier part of the deal. Abide by the rules of the food pyramid and you are good to go. The more difficult part of the deal is working out. Working out requires a strong mind for being consistent and highly motivated needs discipline. Some start their workout routines highly motivated but lose the momentum due to boredom or lack of motivation. Some find it difficult to stretch their schedule to include workouts since their days are already filled with work and other obligations. Some dread the expensive gym membership fees while some dread the traffic that had to be faced before and after work to head to their gyms. Some are just too worn out to pick up their gym bag and head to gym after work. All they want to do is head home, have a drink and zone out in front of their TV.

The solution

The solution is pretty simple. This solution rules out all the excuses there is to skip your workout. Home gym is the one and only solution for this problem. There is no traffic to endure, no need to leave your house early in the morning or to rush to gym after work and no need to worry about expensive gym membership fees. With home gym, workout is literally at your doorstep. Workout can be done anytime you want. It is an investment that will give you a healthy life.

Home gym

So, what is a home gym? A gym in your house. A gym requires fitness equipment. There is a lot of gym equipment that you can buy to be used in your home gym. Almost everyone in Singapore have a Nordictrack treadmill in their houses. Just like the dining table, a treadmill has become the compulsory furniture in Singapore houses. The most common items bought for home gyms are treadmills and exercise bikes. But there are also many other equipment that can be bought to fill your home gym such as dumbbell, elliptical, gym bench, squat rack and exercise mat. The type of gym equipment you want should be tailored according to your fitness aim, budget and space.

For instance, if you want to reduce your weight, cardio activities should be given priority. Hence, a treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike should be in your home gym. If your fitness goal is to build muscles, heavy dumbbells and barbells should be in your home gym. Whatever the goal is, your home gym is the necessary step to bring you closer to that goal. Fill your home gym with fitness equipment that will make you happy and healthy.

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