Hemsley Offers Dream Bathroom Ideas


For more than four decades, Hemsley has been taking the lead in Singapore when it comes to offering homeowners the opportunity to have a bathroom makeover. The company is widely recognized as one of the best sources of ideas on how to make bathrooms look better and more comfortable. On the other hand, people who are in the process of building their own homes and who have yet to come up with the bathroom designs they wish to have can rely on Hemsley for help. Once the best ideas are achieved, Hemsley also becomes the easiest source of all the needed materials and fixtures.

Oftentimes, people find it easy to picture what their dream home should be. They tend to put emphasis on those parts of the building that other would eventually notices first. This is the reason why the external portions, the living rooms, the kitchen, the dining room, and even the bedrooms are some of the very first sections that are designed.  However, utmost importance should also be given to bathrooms. After all, there is that idea that some people tend to see the characters of the homeowners by just inspecting the bathroom. A badly designed bathroom may give the wrong impression about the homeowners.

A representative of Hemsley points out that their clients do not just seek their advice on what bathroom fixtures to buy. He said that, more often than not, clients contact the company to ask about the possible designs of the bathrooms. In this regard, the representative added that company personnel are always more than willing to communicate with the homeowners and discuss about the best ideas for bathroom designs. It is only when both the representative and the client homeowner reach an agreement on the design that they shift their discussions on the fixtures that should be built or installed in the bathroom.

Hemsley operates by giving premium on design, value, and reliability. Even as it gives much importance to design, suggesting to clients on how their bathrooms should look like, they also see to it that the construction or installation does not become too much of a burden on the budget. Hemsley takes into consideration of the fact that not everyone who wants a nice bathroom can afford to realize it. This is why even if it comes up with amazing designs, it also makes sure that the cost is within the client’s reach. Reliability is another very important factor in the equation.  Hemsley products are always known for their functionality and durability, which makes even more value despite the lower costs.

About Hemsley

Hemsley was established in 1972 by the Tan brothers.  It started out as Hemsley (Far East) Enterprises.  Since then, it began carving a name in business as a promoter of modern bathroom designs in Singapore.  It was in the 1980s and the 1990s that the company saw a spurt in its growth. With Singapore fast becoming an economic wonder and buildings were rapidly being constructed, demands for modern bathroom designs as well as fixtures grew. Hemsley took the challenge and succeeded. To find out more, visit www.hemsley.com.sg.

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