Hemsley offers the best accessories for stylish bathroom design in Singapore


Hemsley is a company that specializes in providing top-of-the-line bathroom accessories in Singapore. They are renowned in the island for providing stylish fixtures to make the bathroom beautiful and relaxing at the same time.

They are a store that has come from humble beginnings and turned into to a very successful business today. Hemsley was established in the year 1972 by the Tan brothers. But before they were able to build their business and their dreams, they were among the many people who had seen the changing Singapore back in the 1960’s. At a time when the progress is slowly coming, and along with the changing landscape and rise of the modern apartment complexes, factories. And buildings, the country’s leaders could see the fruits of their vision. At that time, the Brothers are starting to form a vision of their own. The Tan brothers back then were still apprentices in the bathroom fitting industry. And at that time, bathroom fixtures were designed solely for the purpose of functionality. Sinks, toilets, and other bathroom accessories were simple and lack variety when it comes to style, as there was no need for visual appeal or anything of such back then.

It was then that the Brothers realized something: there was a growing market for well-designed bathrooms, an emerging market which served as the perfect opportunity for them. Thus began Hemsley and the brothers’ pursuit of their dreams to have a successful which offers a wide selection of quality products which have both functionality and style appeal. And today they have become the leading store in Singapore when it comes to providing stylish and affordable bathroom fixtures for the rising middle class.

Hemsley offers a great selection of cheap, top quality bathroom accessories and fixtures, with over 300 designer bathroom products from well-known brands in Italy, UK, and Holland. They have everything from WCs, basins, fittings, accessories, and a lot of other products, so clients will not run out of options to make their bathroom look stylish. Their wide variety of toilet bowls and toilet accessories makes it easy to mix and match items, so people have more choices when it comes to designing their dream bathroom the way they want to.

And the best part is that their luxurious bathroom fixtures and designer products come at an unbeatable low price. You can achieve minimalist or any type of bathroom design without the need to worry about your budget. And add to that a warranty service that is up to 5 years, and you’ve got a bathroom design store that offers style, affordability, and quality.

For more than 40 years, the Tan brothers have dedicated themselves in building Hemsley to become the leading store for bathroom accessories in Singapore. They are a company that lasted years due to their commitment to provide style and quality to make numerous well-designed bathrooms all over Singapore.

About Hemsley Holdings:

Hemsley Holdings is a company that has been known for providing top quality bathroom accessories in Singapore. Established in 1972, they started out as a small provider of bathroom fixtures, and soon became the leading store when it comes to providing functional and visually appealing products for the bathroom.

To know more about Hemsley, you may visit their website: http://www.hemsley.com.sg/.

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