Herbal Sense introduces the eco-friendly solar powered Ultrasonic Car Solar Anion Humidifier


essential-oil-singaporeSingapore – Individual who are obsessed with aromatherapy would be happy with the newest air diffuser or purifier from Herbal Sense Life. Now, they can enjoy their favourite scents even while driving on the road. Whether you are headed for an out-of-town trip with your loved ones or a long drive business trip, there’s now a portable air diffuser to keep you company.

The air diffuser has super solar power technology which directly transforms solar power into an energy powerful enough to start the purifier. Furthermore, it has an advanced Active Carbon HEPA Filter technologyHEPA for centrally and effectively filtering of various parcels in air, completely capture minimum to 0.1 micron suspended parcels. The filter rate can be up to 99.98%. Hence, an environment-friendly and energy saving essential oil complementary product for aromatherapy and air refining in Singapore.

“We take pride in carrying only high quality, natural, eco-friendly products, without additives or synthetic substances being used, whether in their cultivation, processing, packaging or transportation.”, the company said.

The company also provided other specifications of this innovative air diffuser from its therapeutic benefits to the incorporation of advanced technology to unleash the optimum potential of the air diffuser. Here are some of the brief information:

Nanometer Light-Accelerant Air Purification

Use advanced Tio2 light acceleration , faster and more completely decompose harmful volatile organic compounds inside the car , such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOCFTotal volatile organic compounds, etc., deodorize unpleasant smells of cigarette smoke, alcohol and food, effectively kill suspended bacteria and viruses, and protect passengers from cross infection.

Plasma (Anion) air purification

Adopting plasma solo patent technology, it can produce both positive ions and negative ions, Eliminate dust and static electricity in air, purify polluted substance from car off gas, such as carbon monoxide, ex nitride ox hydroxide, etc. and negative anion can neutralize with the soot and dust of positive ion floating in the air, as result it can be down so clear the air.

Ozone disinfection

Make use of O3 function to kill various respiratory infectious bacteria, decompose organic gas, deodorize various unpleasant smells, prevent bacteria virus spreading. And it can work without any second pollution or side effect as well as a timer installed in the item.

Fragrance function

You may add aromatics or perfume oil to make your car smells better and pleasant.

Prevent diseases

The ions can improve the blood circulation and pulmonary function  recover from fatigue.

Protect brain and eyes

This product can release the negative ion 3000,000pcs/cm3, that can neutralize the positive ion of the monitor release, so reduce the electrostatic radiation on brain and eyes.

Aside from top quality air diffusers, Herbal Sense Life also offers various organic essential oils for their customers. These items are taken from trusted suppliers and producers so as to give clients no less than top calibre essential oils and essential oil products. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit and talk to their team for bulk orders and pricing.


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