Herbal Sense- The Pathway to A Healthy and Natural Lifestyle


get-organic-essential-oil-in-singapore-at-herbal-sense-lifeHerbal Sense is an organic shop in Singapore specialising in herbal teas and essential oils. Among the products offered by Herbal Sense are organic and natural herbs and spices, tea blends, fruit teas such as black, red and green teas. Apart from teas, they also offer a wide selection of organic essential oils such as carrier oils, healthy food products, aromatherapy products and packaging products.

The importance of herbal teas and essential oils is undeniable. They are important to ensure the body is taken care of and the mind is well-fed. Primarily, herbal teas and essential oils reduce stress and enhance healing processes. They are known to improve the mental health and psychological well-being. The general well-being of a person is fine-tuned with the help from these two ‘magic pills’.

Herbal Sense also takes pride in offering the highest quality of products, natural, eco-friendly, without additives or synthetic substances at all stages, let it be cultivation, processing, packaging or transportation.

It is crucial to drink fresh herbal teas to reap the most benefits out of them. Fresh batches of teas need to be made each time they are drunk. Herbal Sense ensures that the herbal teas sold to customers are fresh. They import these teas in small quantities so as to maintain the freshness of the herbal teas.

Herbal Sense offers around 61 types of herbal teas. Customers have a wide choice to choose from according to their needs and requirements. For instance, flowering tea, fruit teas, flavored teas, black teas, green teas, and red teas.

A whopping 127 types of herbs and spices are sold by Herbal Sense. They are divided into organic herbal tea blend and organic single herbs and spices. Organic herbal tea blends include anti-aging blend, healthy detox blend, ginger ginseng lemon blend, healthy purify blend, and perfect day blend.

Among the organic single herbs and spices are Alfalfa leaf, basil leaf, Ashwagandha root, burdock root powder, and roasted chicory root powder. These herbs and spices have their own properties and healing functions.

Essential oils are very sensitive. They need to be stored in cold and dark places. They need to be checked for purity. At Herbal Sense, the essential oils are 100% pure, steam-distilled organic plant oils. They are processed from carefully-cultivated, freshly-harvested materials within clean and quality-controlled distilleries. Hence, they can be said as the most natural and potent oils in the market today. The growing number of customers is the testimony that the essential oils of Herbal Sense are indeed pure and natural.

Besides herbal teas and essential oils, Herbal Sense also offers bulk ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax. These ingredients are favourites among customers who are interested in D.I.Y. using natural products.

About Herbal Sense:

Herbal Sense was established in the year 2005 and provides products which cater to the health and well-being of people such as organic and natural herbs and spices, tea blends, fruit teas and pure essential oils. With 11 years of expertise, they aim to offer the best products to their customers. Their products are carefully sourced from reputable producers from all over the world and these producers are certified organic suppliers. For more info, visit http://herbalsense-life.com/ .

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