Herbal Sense Promotes Use of Organic Products through Their Customisable Healthy Door Gift Packs Services


herbal-sense-life-is-an-organic-shop-in-singaporeJust say you are a company which specialises in health, what are the best ways for your company to reach out to your audience and promote healthy living? Other than having promotions and discounts to encourage people to buy your products, organising mini fairs can be a good idea.

Herbal Sense is an organic shop in Singapore that provides customers and health enthusiasts with products that help customers’ health and well-being. The products sold range from natural herbs and spices to various kinds of tea blends and essential oils such as the jojoba oil.

Herbal Sense not only sells a variety of health products, but offer services for different occasions. The company does customised door gifts and goodie bags for people who would love to give their guests something nice and healthy for any kind of event. Customers can order these goodie bags that are filled with flower teas, herbs and dried fruits and nuts according to their requirements such as quantity and size.

Companies who organise health fairs or do bazaar sales/staff sales can also order Herbal Sense’s healthy foodstuff to include in their sale in addition to their own products. The products provided are suitable for encouraging healthy lifestyle to the community, public, and even the companies own staff. Companies can get special rates and discounts from Herbal Sense during events.

Herbal Sense also has numerous OEM services for retail shops, F & B operators, private parties and road shows. Clients can have their own logos, messages and branding on the health products offered. Companies looking to print their own labels on these products can request for private labelling services too. All they need to do is request the size and quantity they need as well as the budget set.

Under Herbal Sense’s unique and cool packaging for their health products, the company also caters for customers who are looking to give out special gift packs for festival seasons. Besides that, Herbal Sense also offers small gifts for wedding occasions for people who do not know what useful thing to give their guests. The good thing about these gift packs is that they are custom made according to the customers’ budget. You can also choose from a wide selection of health products such as dried organic food stuffs and teas.

Whatever the reason might be, incorporating goodie bags filled with natural goodness can be a great way to promote healthy living in a cool and different way.


Herbal Sense carries only high quality, natural, and eco-friendly products that do not include additives. The company sources their organic products from established and reputable certified organic suppliers. These products are imported in small quantities at a time to ensure that they are always fresh and produce a good effect.

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