Home Gym has the Accessories You’ll Need


It’s very much worthwhile to throw in a couple of accessories with your gym equipment, so you may have an exhilarating workout session each time. This is why Home Gym brings you a complete array of accessories, so you can make sure each detail of your exercise gets fully supported. Among so many selections of fitness pieces, you may want to get started with a skipping rope, push up bar, abs wheel and dumbbell set with rack.


Have an intense cardio session with your Skipping Rope

If you’d like to fully condition your body in such a short period of time, you can train with a Skipping Rope. Aside from investing in sturdy sets of fitness equipment in Singapore, you can shed off those extra calories in just several minutes with a Skipping Rope.

For instance if you train with it for just 10 minutes at a moderate pace, it’s like you’ve already ran a mile for 12 minutes. A 10-minute Skip Rope session is also equivalent to cycling for 2 miles within just 6 minutes and swimming a quarter mile in 12 minutes.


A push up bar lets you work on your upper body strength

A set may look just like simple handles with cushioned grips, but your push up bar actually lets your wrists stay comfortable, with lesser injuries. Home Gym carries the push up bar and has it available at $12. By using this regularly, you can build strength and endurance with the muscles in your shoulders, arms and chest.


Tone up your abs with the Abs Wheel

Who knew a piece of item which looks like a tire, would be quite an effective piece for your abdominal muscles? This is exactly what the Abs Wheel is for. As you look through a couple of gym equipment in Singapore, the Abs Wheel simply lets you push the wheel forward with its handles which you can grip on. After the pushing motion, you may then pull it back near you for a complete rep.

With continuous routines, you can add the Abs Wheel to your usual exercise. After several months of exercise and healthy eating, you’ll most likely be getting the results which you aim for. The Abs Wheel is available at Home Gym for the price of $12.


The Dumbbell Set with Rack lets you define your arms

If you’re planning to have leaner-looking arms then it would be a great idea for you to invest in Home Gym’s Dumbbell Set with Rack. For only $60, you can already have six pieces of differently weighted sets of dumbbells, at 1.5 kg, 2 kg and 4kg.


About Home Gym
Are you looking for some top-notch gym equipment in Singapore? Then you may look no further as Home Gym brings you a complete line of Cardio Machines, Strength Training Equipment, Mats and Accessories. Aside from carrying the top brands in the country, they also include promotional discounts every once in a while. For more details, you may visit their site at: http://homegym.sg/.

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