Home Gym Singapore Gives Fitness Enthusiasts Even More Reason to Set Up Their Own Gym at Home


Have you ever thought of changing up your fitness workout or routine by deciding to give the gym a go? While the typical gym offers a large variety of fitness equipment for people to use in their training, there may be a few disadvantages to hitting a gym outside. At times, there are just too many people at the gym so that you have to wait your turn in order to use that treadmill or squat rack. Some gyms are also lacking in their maintenance of their equipment.

Home Gym Singapore is your one-stop solution when it comes to gym equipment. The company has everything a fitness conscious consumer needs to set up their very own “gym at home”. Besides the main equipment such as dumbbells and barbells for weight training, Home Gym Singapore provides other equipment for cardio such as exercise bikes and ellipticals. Looking for accessories to accompany your training? Home Gym Singapore has a bunch of them including exercise mats.

Another plus point of choosing Home Gym Singapore to provide for your fitness needs aside from being able to obtain quality equipment is their preventative gym equipment maintenance and servicing services. The company not only sells you equipment sourced from all around the world, but they provide regular check-ups based on a fixed schedule in order to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently.

Home Gym Singapore has the facility in which all the equipment purchased by customers are entered into their database so that they can track the inventory and servicing history on the condition of your equipment. Thus, they provide professional engineers to come around to your home and look for potential faults or wear and tear of your equipment. They do this by going through a checklist of each items of your equipment to see whether all the parts are functioning well.

While Home Gym Singapore does help maintain and service all kinds of equipment, one of the featured sections under their maintenance services is regarding the treadmill. NordickTrack is one of the top notch brands that produce a variety of gym equipment including treadmills and is actively supplied by Home Gym Singapore.

The company provides further information regarding how their maintenance and servicing of treadmills work. They first schedule a visit and send professional service technicians to your home to either do repairs or simple tune ups. By doing this, they help extend the life of your treadmill and reduce the likelihood of paying for costly repairs.

Here are some of the items on their treadmill preventive maintenance checklist:

– Inspect and adjust running belt

– Inspect deck for wear

– Inspect wax system if applicable

– Vacuum interior and exterior

– Clean hood

– Clean frame

– Inspect drive belt

In addition to that, in their website, they also give a few DIY maintenance tips and useful advice regarding cleaning, lubrication, and dirt removal to help customers fix simple things on their own.

Home Gym Singapore encourages more fitness conscious people to set up their own “home gym” because they not only offer top quality equipment, but also help in constantly maintaining and servicing your equipment through their scheduled check-ups. With that, they provide everything the customers need to effectively implement their fitness plan.


Home Gym Singapore was founded in 2010 and boasts a wide variety of comprehensive lines of professional grade home gym equipment. The company has a showroom which allows customers to view and try out the latest and most innovative equipment. Home Gym Singapore constantly stocks up their inventory with new equipment that are easy to own and use in the home environment. For more information, kindly visit http://homegym.sg/.

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