Home Gym Singapore Provides Fitness Conscious Consumers with Quality Cardio Workout Equipment


There are many reasons why people go to the gym. Some people want to do body building while others just want to generally stay fit. There are many equipment made available in the gym that help train different parts of your body, such as exercise bikes to train your leg strength and barbells to develop muscle mass. While going to the gym can be a good way to stay fit, it can sometimes be inconvenient.

Home Gym Singapore, thus, aims at promoting a variety of gym equipment that is suitable for the home environment, allowing consumers to not be stuck with having to specially go out to a gym in order to stay fit. One of the kind of equipment that they have are those that help consumers in their cardio exercise in order to improve stamina.

If you’re looking for good quality treadmills for sale, look no further. Home Gym Singapore has various kinds of treadmills such as the NordicTrack treadmill, which is well known for its excellent specs list. The treadmills offered are aimed for all users ranging from beginners to more experienced users. Under the treadmill offers, there are a few types of series listed to let customers choose from depending on what they’re looking for.

For instance, the “performance series” include treadmills that have higher specs and are more advanced; the “value series” treadmills on the other hand, are designed for the casual jogger to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for treadmills in Singapore that have a more compact size due to limited space in your home, the “compact series” might have something you find suitable. Besides that, Home Gym Singapore also provides treadmills for commercial use that are made with commercial-grade steel to ensure durability. Among the company’s featured best buys and best sellers treadmills are the NordickTrack treadmills.

Home Gym Singapore also has a showroom for those interested in fitness to view and have a feel of what it’s like to actually use their gym equipment. With that, they enable customers to fully customise their fitness plan by choosing from a variety of equipment based on their specific needs.

Other cardio exercise machines available are ellipticals. These machines are useful for those starting out, since the ellipticals are designed in such a way that they lower impact and run a lesser risk of the user sustaining injuries.  The company offers customers with the Elliptical Singapore Trainer, which is also known as the cross trainer. These machines help the user work both the upper and lower body while keeping the pressure on the joints at a manageable level. Some of the brands available are NordicTrack, Yowza, and Proform.

Besides offering equipment for cardio workout, Home Gym Singapore also has many other gym equipment that is suitable for strength training such as weights, gym benches and squat racks. If you’re looking for other accompanying accessories, the company also sells exercise mats in Singapore as well as other accessories for general fitness use.

About Home Gym Singapore

Home Gym Singapore was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing fitness conscious consumers with the gym equipment they need to create their own gym at home. By sourcing they’re products from all over the world, Home Gym Singapore constantly ensures value and reliability in their equipment. Besides that, they offer maintenance and servicing of home fitness equipment through regular equipment check-ups. For more information, visit http://homegym.sg/.

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