Home Gym has Your Top Strength Training Equipment


Are you looking to bulk up or develop your cuts? If so, then you’ll definitely need a couple of gym equipment to support your consistency during training. Home Gym has a range of weights, benches, squat racks, Smith Machines, multi-functional selections and so much more. Here are just few of the selections which you can consider for your very own space:


Pick among a range of weights

Aside from its positive results, weight training enables resistance to your muscles as you become more agile and stronger in carrying out daily activities. You must definitely check out the selections which Home Gym has. For instance, they have the Build Your Own Set which is composed of a Dumbbell or Barbell, along with some weight plates.


If you’re looking for a dumbbell in Singapore, you’d be glad to find how Home Gym has a 20 kg Dumbbell Set. It’s reasonably priced at $136 and it can also be easily adjusted according to your desired weights.


Target specific areas of your body with a gym bench

It would also be much easier for you to target specific parts of your upper body with a gym bench. Home Gym has three categories of weight benches, from folding benches, flat and adjustable benches, up to barbell benches.


Most of Home Gym’s gym bench selections are foldable, so they can be stored whenever they’re not in use. Some can even be adjusted for chin ups or pull ups. These have various prices from $130 to $648. The store also has a line of discounted gym benches, so it would be great to be on the lookout for those which have prices with percentages off.


Strengthen those legs with squat racks

By having squat racks, you can work on your inner thighs, legs, calf muscles and entire body. Home Gym carries various brands of gym equipment from Ironmaster, RXS, Force USA, Infinity Series and many more. They’re priced from a little over $450 to $1,550. They also come with various functions plus you may consider a couple of add-ons, from an ultimate chin up bar, bar hooks, leg press plates or bar hooks. See which ones can fit your workout objectives and budget today.


Check out their Multifunctional Machines

If you’re planning to keep committed to your strength training regimen, you can look through Home Gym’s line of Multifunctional units. You can ultimately go for the Mon-G3 or Monster Fitness G3 Functional Trainer, Power Rack and Smith Machine Combo. While this gym equipment may be expensive, you’ll definitely get your training money’s worth in the long run.


About Home Gym
Home Gym has a comprehensive and complete line of gym equipment to fit your training and workout needs. They have Strength Training and Cardio equipment, along with mats and accessories. They also throw in some limited discounts and deals along the way, so be sure to keep updated of their latest offers. For more details, see their website at: http://homegym.sg/.

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