HoneySpree and Its Wide Range of Natural Health Products


It’s important to eat a healthy diet throughout your life and there’s never a bad time to make some changes and improve your eating habits and developing healthy eating habits isn’t confusing or restrictive as many people imagine as long as they know and follow the essential steps for building a healthy diet. Consuming variety of foods helps to ensure that you get all the nutrition that foods offer. It’s important to eat a healthy diet throughout your life and there’s never a bad time to make some changes and improve your eating habits.

Healthy foods are usually fresh or a minimally processed food that provides essential nutrients and energy to sustain growth, repair and maintain vital processes, promote longevity, reduce disease, strengthen and maintain the body and its functions while satiating hunger. Healthy foods also do not contain ingredients that contribute to disease or impede recovery when consumed at normal levels as it is grown without pesticides, or having a low sodium or fat content. This includes organic foods, herbal teas or tisane, and honey which are considered a healthy food.

The Manuka Honey in Singapore which had a rich and earthy aromatic flavour provided by HoneySpree is a mono-floral honey gathered from the Manuka tree or also called as Tea Tree that lives in Australia and New Zealand. It also contains antibacterial properties (Hydrogen Peroxide) which has its long history with the native Maori people of New Zealand for treating burns and wounds. In addition, its low Glycaemic Index is ideal for inhibiting hunger while providing a sustained energy boost.

HoneySpree also provided Pure New Zealand UMF Honey that contains an additional ‘Unique Manuka Factor’, herbal teas products for adults and children such as respiration product, relaxation product, digestion product and others which are based on herbal teas, and organic foods products from HoneySpree which use only the best organically grown natural ingredients and had been handcrafted to perfection with no additives or preservatives. Moreover, you could also find bird’s nest products and collagen drinks sold by HoneySpree.

About HoneySpree
HoneySpree is an online retailers and distributors of natural honey and health foods which is more renowned today for its flagship products, the Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey. The honey is known for its premium taste as well as for the health value customers derive out of making this a regular fare in their homes’ dining tables. The company which led by its founder Beth Candice Wu has handpicked a wider range of natural products that make it a most likely a dream line-up for anyone who cares about health and wellbeing.

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