Honeyspree brings out the best in Tea with Manuka Honey


Honeyspree, one of the fastest-rising online retailers and distributors of natural honey and health foods in Singapore, offers best teas sweetened with Manuka Honey, a honey known for its pure sweet sensation taken specifically from New Zealand.

Manuka honey in Singapore is now blended with tea to achieve the optimal sweetness and best taste for teas without taking health risks with other sweeteners such as refined powered sugars. Tea in Singapore is now made healthier by Honeyspree as it provides the gentle and pure syrupy sweetness of honey mixed with different teas.

Teas are also used for different purposes. Some are used to lose weight and other different health reasons. With this, honeyspree came up with an idea of providing the health benefits of tea and honey. Being both organic and healthy friendly, this will serve its consumers best in one shot. The drinking experience will also not appear to be as a form of torture like what healthy meals look like.

Honeyspree calls it ‘functional tea’. Most of the products are called helps which literally helps the body to function well and protect itself from the illnesses and discomforts that could possibly be suffered by the body without the nutrients needed by the body and its organ utilizing them.

The company introduces the sweet side of the healthy living. The ‘helps’ tea products in Singapore offered by Honeyspree takes healthy lifestyle to the next level as it innovates the use of honey into another form. It is an introduction of another useful pathway for the Manuka honey to take as well as to the potential of how teas can be better for the body and the person’s food or specifically beverage or tea preferences.

Some of the teas offered by the company are:

 HELPS Breathe Herbal Tea
 HELPS For Low Sugar Diets Herbal Tea
 HELPS Just For Her Herbal Tea
 HELPS Kids Breathe Herbal Tea
 HELPS Kids Dreams Herbal Tea
 HELPS Kids For Little Tummies Herbal Tea
 HELPS Kids For Rehydration Diets Herbal Tea
 HELPS Make It Easy Herbal Tea
 HELPS Organic Easy Digestion Herbal Tea
 HELPS Organic Green Tea Leaves Herbal Tea
 HELPS Organic Rest & Relax Herbal Tea

These particular teas on the website of honeyspree are also on sale and are the most popular ones among the consumers. Interested tea lovers and health enthusiast can further browse and explore ‘functional tea’ web page for other different teas with its functions.

About Honeyspree:
HoneySpree is one of the fastest-rising online retailers and distributors of natural honey and health foods geared towards making the average family healthier and happier. The company is probably more renowned today for its flagship product, the Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey, for its premium taste as well as for the health values customers derive out of making this a regular fare in their homes’ dining tables. The company’s vision is to see a community of people free from disease, living as healthy and as happy as the Good Lord must have intended our lives to be. To find out more, visit: hhttp://honeyspree.com/.

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