Honeyspree offers Manuka Honey which known to be better than the others


Honeyspree, one of the fastest-rising online retailers and distributors of natural honey and health foods in Singapore, offers Manuka Honey which known to be better than the other honey found in the world.

Honey is known for its sweet delectable flavor. But just like any other fruits and vegetables, there are places where it’s best grown and reaped. No wonder people are also trying to be picky when it comes to the kinds of food they choose even when what they need is just the same vegetables. Take for example, apple. Apple is grown in different parts of the world. With the varied choices they have in the super market, they tend to search for a particular kind. As to this example, people want apples but then will go to the market and went looking for Fuji apples. People have become particular with the quality of the natural products the land produce.

Same goes with honey. People have discovered the distinct quality of honey produced in different places.Manuka Honey is one of the most famous honey today. It is produced in New Zealand where bees pollinate in bushescalled manuka though some also feed on tea tree in New Zealand. Not only that it taste much better but it has been evident that the Manuka honeytreats wound infections and other body discomfort.

Manuka honey is known for its strong flavor. People described it as “earthy, oily, and herbaceious”. It also produces an aroma and a slightly bitter tang which was said to be caused by its mineral content.
Found also in Manuka Honey is the methylglyoxal (MG) which is an antibacterial element. Manuka Honey is said to have a higher concentration of MG which makes it more effective in treating infections and wounds. You may also be wondering about UMF honey. UFM stands for Unique Manuka Factor. It is a scale rate to see level of effectiveness of Makuka Honey.

UFM Honey rating is developed to show the MG concentration of the honey. When you see a UMF Manuka honey or Active Manuka honey, it mean that manuka honey have an ample amount of antibacterial properties which can be used for therapeutic purposes. UMF Honey should always have a minimum of 10 UFM to be considered an effective agent for healing purposes.

Indeed, Manuka honey hasn’t only prove to have a unique taste among the parade of honey produced by the bees all over the world. It also has benefits which can help in healing and recovery.Truly, Manuka Honey has something more than meets the eye.

About Honeyspree:
HoneySpree is one of the fastest-rising online retailers and distributors of natural honey and health foods geared towards making the average family healthier and happier. The company is probably more renowned today for its flagship product, the Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey, for its premium taste as well as for the health values customers derive out of making this a regular fare in their homes’ dining tables. The company’s vision is to see a community of people free from disease, living as healthy and as happy as the Good Lord must have intended our lives to be. To find out more, visit: http://honeyspree.com/.

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