How 3D Signage Can Make Your Business Stand Out


There are two types of 3D signs out in today’s current market, both of which do an excellent job of conveying the corporate idea or message. One is a digital 3D sign that viewers can read without the assistance of 3D glasses. The other type of 3D sign is also called traditional 3D and consists of architecture and design that causes the sign to come out from the flat wall or building and create a more dimensional look. We’ll take a look at both of these types and see what the benefits of using 3D signage are.

New digital 3D technology claims that words, logos, or images coming out of the screen at the viewer creates a more memorable imprint of the sign While this technology is really too new for any real results to be documented, the precept has its charm and can be compelling. 3D signage touts its attention grabbing ability due to its nuance. The question that then must be asked is, ‘Are the viewers looking at the technology, or the actual message of the sign?’ Digital 3D technology creators claim that a company that uses their signage will convey a message of high quality that could only come from a state-of-the-art company. In reality, until the votes are all in, there’s really no way to tell what is truly engaging the viewer. If the digital sign is conveying a message of affluence, as digital sign creators claim, why not just post the total amount of the company’s collective assets on the sign?

The second category of 3D signage does not rely on digital technology but more on the design of the sign itself, on a third dimension directed with letters or images or other parts of the sign that stand out from the wall or building in such a way that it really does catch the attention of passers-by.

Some of the benefits of traditional third dimension signage are as follows:

– The flexibility to fabricate a wide range of  signs is unlimited and can suit many different needs. Signs can be created in unique designs that fit the company logo.

– The range of materials used to create the sign are numerous, since many traditional 3D signs are created for indoor stores. This allows the designer to use materials such as wood, stainless steel, acrylic, and plastics. This opens the door for designers to use their creativity in an ever-increasing manner.

– Designers of 3D signs claim that their product gives companies more advertising bang for their buck. They want your business to look at their product more as an investment than an expenditure. At the end of the day, isn’t that what every company wants you to believe?

– 3D traditional signs can be uniquely lit up from different angles with small spot lights that really attract attention and add elegance.

– 3D signs are often considered works of art and can set the mood of an office or building. They can add to to even set the decor f the room.

While it’s an established fact that your company sign is an investment that will eventually pay off with sales, the question is, ‘How much are you willing to invest, and is there a point where the investment turns into an expenditure?’

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