How Info-Tech’s Time Attendance Tracking System benefits Employers and Employees alike


The working relationship of employers and employees are relevant in order to maintain the stability of the company. The enterprise wouldn’t be able to survive without either of the two. Thus the only way to attain success is by making sure that both the employer and employees are working well together.

Thankfully, for the employers, there are ways to help establish better relations with their employees. It is not necessary to let employees do whatever they want in order to please them; sometimes the only thing they need is fairness in the workplace. This means that better systems must be implemented for them. One of these is the automated Attendance Tracking system offered by Info-Tech.

Now here’s a question: just how does this type of technology help improve an employer’s relationship with his employees? With an automated tracking system, employers can implement a fair system to ensure honest management of your employees.

For Employees

The first benefit of an automated time and attendance tracking system is more accurate paychecks for employees. Having to track attendance manually means greater risk of time stealing. Some employees work hard overtime and do not get the salary that they deserve, while there are those who spend longer lunch time and still get more pay. But with an automated time and attendance tracking system, these issues are prevented.

For Employers

With an automated system, employers ensure a fair working environment for the employees, which increases their satisfaction. Knowing that they are working at a place where they are properly rewarded for their efforts gives employees satisfaction, which then increases their productivity. This not only improve the employer’s relationship with his employees, but also makes the business run more smoothly with increased employee productivity.

Time and Attendance Tracking system may just be another technology to some, but to employers and employees, it is an important system that not only helps make tracking attendance a lot easier, but also helps improves the working relationships between the employer and the employee. It is a system that truly helps in making business operations run smoothly and fairly.

It is precisely for these reasons why Info-tech offers their Time and Attendance Software Pro, which is one of their top products within the company. Capturing the employees’ time in and time out, lateness, overtime and allowances, etc, such information can be directly uploaded to the Payroll Software offered by Info-tech as well. Not only do such systems improve internal processes, it makes it easier for company personnel who are in charge of human resource management.

About the company:

Info-Tech Systems Integrator Pte Ltd is a software company that specializes in providing HR solutions. They have softwares like time attendance systems, as well as E-leave, E-pay slip, payroll, and HR software. They also offer biometric systems such as fingerprint door access, and things like face recognition, and turnstile. They are the company that you can trust to help manage your employees more easily.

To know more about Info-Tech Systems, you may visit their website:

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