How To Avoid Suspension Of Your Amazon Seller Account


Amazon has been an excellent site for your selling or buying needs. You could earn immensely from the platform, as it caters to you with an opportunity to grow your business to new heights. However, you might encounter a situation where your Amazon account would be suspended. Before you start to panic, consider the reasons for Amazon suspended account. When you become aware of the grounds for the suspension of your Amazon account, you will be able to file an Amazon suspension appeal.

Find below a few important reasons for the suspension of your Amazon account. Consider avoiding these reasons for the prevention of Amazon account suspension.

Item Not As Described

When you create your product listing, ensure to check the conditions thoroughly of the product before dispatching. Look for the appropriate model number, ASIN, colour, UPC, and product quality before listing the item. If customers complain about your product, the Amazon suspended account process will start by closing your listing.

Defect Rate Of Orders

If you have a higher defect rate of the orders listed and dispatched to the customers, Amazon will review your account, and due to poor seller performance, the platform will suspend your account. Amazon emphasizes quality, which is why its lasting success and they strive to retain the customers’ trust in the company. If you wish not to get into the process of filing an Amazon suspension appeal, ensure to avoid the mistake.

Getting Paid Reviews

If you were receiving paid reviews from Facebook groups, the chances of you undergoing an Amazon suspended account would be higher. Therefore, it would be in your best interest not to ask anyone for reviews from Facebook groups or any available review provider company. Rest assured that Amazon will know about it and remove those reviews.

You could ask people to pay honest reviews, and you should not pay them or provide any incentives for the reviews. Most sellers would be doing review exchanges with one another. However, it would also not last forever.

Several Amazon Seller Accounts

Sellers would not be required to open more than a single account under the same name or household. If you were required to create an additional charge, you should provide a genuine reason to the platform to seek permission to create a different account. Contemplating outsmarting your Amazon with ghost accounts would not be possible, as they could track the MAC and IP address of your device used for creating an additional account without seeking valid permission.

Fixing The Price

It could be frustrating when the competitor seller has reduced the price of commodities and won Buy Box. It would result in monetary loss for the seller on the listings. Therefore, do not send a message to any seller to fix the price. Rest assured that the next thing would be the suspension of your account, and you look forward to filing an Amazon suspension appeal.

These aspects would be imperative to avoid if you wish to keep your Amazon account running for good.

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