How To Boost My Instant Loan Eligibility Criteria?


Emergencies can come in any way, from a medical emergency to a sudden large expense. These unforeseen expenses are too high. And if one is not sufficiently prepared, it could burn a hole in their wallet. You should be aware of how to deal with a sudden financial crisis in order to prevent your situation from getting worse.

You can manage your financial problems with the help of personal loans. You can get the required funds quickly through personal loans. Faster processing and disbursement are the biggest benefits of instant loans. However, you must fulfil the lender’s requirements for personal loan eligibility. Your loan application will be turned down if you do not meet the essential eligibility criteria. You must, therefore, take care of a few things in order to qualify for a personal loan at any time.

Measures To Increase Loan Eligibility

Here are some useful steps that you can take to boost your instant loan eligibility criteria.

Recognise Your Current Financial Situation

Before you start the loan application procedure, it is essential to evaluate your existing financial situation. Examine your credit report and score first. Obtain a free copy of your credit report, and check whether the data is correct and up to date. You may quickly check your credit report online. Be sure to address any discrepancies or problems immediately to eliminate inaccuracies.

Look over any upcoming loan payback schedules you are currently servicing. Minimising your debt load is crucial since lenders look at your debt-to-income ratio when determining whether you qualify to get instant loan. Pay off high-interest loans first. Lower your debt whenever you can. Your credit score shall also benefit from this, which will increase your loan eligibility.

Try To Improve Your Credit Score

Loan eligibility is mostly based on a person’s credit score. Start making payments on all outstanding loans to raise your credit score. Your creditworthiness may suffer as a result of late payments. Paying your bills on time shows proper money management. This raises your credit score.

Reducing your credit card usage is another effective way to improve your credit score. Never go over 30% of your credit limit on any credit card. Making full monthly payments on credit card balances will help you keep a healthy credit usage ratio. Moreover, your credit score increases with a strong credit history. So, think about keeping your old credit accounts open. Lenders view borrowers with established credit histories as more reliable.

Improve Your Income And Financial Stability

To determine your capability to repay a loan, lenders look at your income and employment history. Your loan eligibility and borrowing capacity may increase as your salary rises. Think about the possibilities. You can request a salary hike, take up a part-time position, or look into additional sources of income.

Another important factor that lenders take into account is stability. Your loan eligibility may increase if you can show a history of consistent employment. If possible, try to avoid changing jobs frequently. This shows “uncertainty” when a loan application is processed. Self-employed people should make sure their firms have a solid track record and steady sources of revenue.

Avoid Submitting Multiple Applications At Once

When a borrower needs money right away, he may request loans from several different lenders. Some individuals feel this increases their chances of getting a loan. A borrower may apply for loans on more than one instant cash loan app. It is not, however, the right course of action. Every loan application involves a hard inquiry of your credit history.  This will lower your credit score over time.

Streamline Current Debt

Your loan eligibility may be greatly increased by paying off existing debt. When comparing your monthly debt payments to your income, lenders take into account your debt-to-income ratio. Getting a loan is easier if you have a lower debt-to-income ratio, which shows that you can handle your money well.

Create a debt repayment strategy that gives priority to high-interest loans. If you have multiple loans, try combining them into one. This may facilitate easy repayment and lower interest rates.

Offer Security Or A Guarantor

If your credit history or income level is not good enough, offering collateral or a guarantor may improve your loan eligibility. Lenders may ask for collateral in the form of real estate, financial holdings, or cash deposits. A guarantor is a person who pledges to repay the loan on your behalf if you are unable to do so. He should have a reliable source of income and a solid credit history. Both methods give the lender more security, which raises the chance of a loan approval.


An instant loan can come in handy in times of financial crunch. Individuals can boost their eligibility by taking certain steps. They should assess their financial condition and maintain a good debt-to-income ratio. Improving the credit score and income levels are also essential. In addition, it’s critical to select the appropriate lender to guarantee a stress-free and flawless experience. Always go with trusted lenders like Fibe that follow a customer-centric approach while assessing loan applications. You get a smooth experience from the loan application stage to approval and disbursal.

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