How To Compare Custom Packaging Companies?  Find Here!


Retail products must be sold in boxes, and it is absolutely necessary to select a customized box for each product. This goes beyond selecting a random generic box and using stickers on the top and bottom. Customization means designing a box that works ideally for the product, and for that, you need a vendor that you can rely on. In this post, we are discussing more on how brands can compare custom packaging companies better.

  • Start with the product range. From simple retail boxes, to subscription boxes, bath bomb boxes, and e-liquid boxes, a company that offers custom packaging should be able to handle diverse order requirements. When you look for vendors, find more on what they have on offer in terms of product box designs.
  • The minimum order size matters. Smaller sellers cannot order for thousands of retail boxes in one go, so the minimum order quantity does matter while selecting a company. Look for vendors who would accept small orders of around 100 boxes, so that you can test their services. This also comes in handy when you are experimenting with certain box designs.

  • Consider other advantages. Can the company help with custom packaging? Do they have a special team in place to help with box design and printing? What is the common kind of printing technology they use? Do they specialize in luxury boxes? These are just some of the questions you must ask before selecting a company.
  • Pricing is important. When it comes to custom packaging, nothing is more important for companies than the price. Only when the price per product box is viable and economical, the idea of custom packaging makes sense. Make sure to get an estimate in advance, and always start with a small order to judge the quality better.
  • Ask for references. Comparing vendors for custom packaging products is easy when you know of their experience and expertise. Any company can claim to be the best in business, but their work is a better testament to that. Make sure that you get references and check if a company has worked for clients with a similar profile as yours.

Finally, think of collaboration in the long term. Your packaging partner is extremely important for selling products in the right box, and the company has to be reliable. They must be able to deliver on time and offer assistance for all relevant aspects as required.

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