How to Have a Staycation


If you’re expecting to have the best staycation in Singapore or any place at all, remember that it’s not about the journey or the destination. Instead it is all about breaking some habits and routines. This could be trickier than it is. Here are some best means for you to melt the monotonous experiences you have in your town for you to enjoy a vacation without you having to ride a plane, a train, a boat, or rent an automobile.

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You have to love spontaneity.

Leave your phone at the hotel. You won’t have any use for it since you’re a local and you know where to go. If ever you get lost, consider it as part of your adventure instead. You may also forget about making reservations too. This is the time when the act of nabbing the table is part of the event and experience. The best thing to do during this time is to take your time and not to rush in everything you like to do.

Stay at an unusual place.

A staycation is the time when you can try a weird-looking B&B or a mega-hippy hotel without being pressured of all the star ratings and concierge services. You can choose an accommodation that you don’t typically experience at home like having a bedroom on a boat or staying in a backyard cabin.

Explore an area that is totally new to you.

It’s possible for you to be a visitor without being a tourist in your city. However, there might be a neighborhood that you haven’t explored yet. You can eat all types of delicacies you have been thinking about but haven’t really gotten the time to do so.

Do a thing that’s certainly fun.

The only difference between a staycation and a Saturday is whatever you make of the time. You can squeeze in any activity that serves no other purpose but for you to relax and have fun. You can ride the Ferris wheel or jump on the trampoline. When you plan to go to a museum, you may opt for one that had odd things on display.


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