How to Make New Friends When You’re a Senior Citizen


You are never too old to make new friends. Sometimes, the elderly feel like they cannot make new social connections since they’re in their advanced age. This is wrong. Relationships can blossom in a minute. You will be surprised how these social connections can make you feel more alive even when you’re in your later years. There is no formula for friendship. Sometimes, people just click regardless of age and social status.

It’s easy for older adults to feel like their days as a “social butterfly” are over. Some of their friends have sadly passed away. Their families have moved to another state or country. They are left on their own—sometimes in dedicated nursing homes, other times in their own homes with caregivers who feel like strangers to them. This is when you must strive to make new friendships and discover relationships that you wouldn’t otherwise know.

Reach out to Neighbors

When was the last time you have spoken with your neighbors? Reach out to them, whether they’re newlyweds or old like you. Strike a conversation when you pass them by the street during your morning walks. You will be surprised how warm people can be. Even the young ones will welcome you with open arms, reminding you of the times you’re as agile as them.

Volunteer in the Community

In your senior years, you may find it hard to find interests that are fulfilling. You’ve lived a full life, after all. You are tired of the usual things. Volunteering for community programs and projects will give you a chance to give back to your community. At the same time, you will meet a lot of like-minded people. You might even hit it up with some of them. Many communities offer programs specifically for the senior population. Find opportunities that match your skills and interests. You will be thoroughly surprised by how enjoyable these projects can be.

Join a Local Activity Group

Whether you are fond of watching classical movies, gardening, exercising, meditating, and road trips, you will find local groups that cater to your interests. More, they are online, too. You’ll be able to connect with different nationalities and learn from them. If you love gardening, you can exchange notes with other enthusiasts from different parts of the country and the globe. Explore Facebook groups and find a community that you will love.

Fitness groups also proliferate online and offline. If your doctors clear you to do exercises, you can join a Zumba or dance class for seniors. Many of these groups meet up in public parks. They chip in to pay a Zumba instructor so that they will learn the right movements.

Enroll in a Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit or cook or design a website? Nothing should stop you from taking up continuing education classes. There’s no right age for learning. You will make new friends in these classes. You will learn a lot from younger people while they will also look up to you for guidance. Another thing you can do is teach an evening class in the local college or university. Evening classes are for working students who put themselves through school. Offer your knowledge and see how it can change their lives.

Spend Time at a Community Center

If you are lucky enough to have a community center, participate in its programs and volunteer your time. Do you know tennis? Can you teach young kids the basics of tennis? Aside from reaching out to the younger generation, you can also join a game of bingo with the other senior citizens in your area. This is a great way to meet and know your neighbors.

Host a Party

Once it’s okay to host dinner parties again, why don’t you invite your new friends to your house? You have to keep the momentum going, and that means doing more activities together. You can host a backyard barbecue party for your neighbors. This is a good time as any to start reaching out to them. You can also invite them for tea or coffee and talk about anything under the sun—from your kids to your love for gardening. Open your home to your neighbors and you will discover growing old to be enjoyable.

Your age should not be a hindrance to developing social connections. People are social creatures. They need interactions and relationships. While some activities do slow down when you are in your old age, that should not be the reason not to forge new relationships and discover lasting friendships.

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