How you should Present yourself and what to Shop in the Flea Market


Despite, internet and online shopping dominating the 21st century, some folks never get bored with traditional forms of conducting business. An example of these forms of trading is flea market shopping. The flea market is a type of free trade identified by purchasing and selling second-hand or previously owned goods on the streets. The market is sometimes referred to as swap meet.

As a freestyle market, the swap meet is often seasonal with informal establishments; only groups of people are spotted exchanging antiques, vintage goods, and collectible stuff. However, in recent years we have witnessed increased demand for vintage goods, which are mostly found in these markets. Thus formal establishments of flea market shopping are erupting in cities; an example is San Antonio, Flea Market. this is also influencing shoppers doing flea shopping in various ways;

  • Dressing 

Don’t dress like you are going to work or a dinner party when visiting a flea market; instead, dress casually in an informal manner, perhaps by wearing an off-brand pair of jeans accompanied by a saggy shirt.

  • Arriving time 

Legend has it that an early bird catches the fattest worm. This phrase comes to life during flea market shopping. Here, veterans swear to arrive early on the market and leave at sunset so that they have enough time to collect antiques. This strategy works because you will meet sellers before anyone else, thus getting the best products.

Also, being an open-air market without a well-established distribution channel, if you want to mix a variety of quality products, arrive early. You can even show up before swarms of sellers arrive. This will give you ample time to have what you want.

  • Always shop with friends.  

Flea market shopping is an adventure you should not enjoy alone. Occasionally take your friends to a flea market; this will help in many ways. First, your pals will help you select outstanding products by chipping in some ideas.

Secondly, with friends, you can cover a large area of the market, thus exploring every product. This will leave you satisfied even if you come with only a few items.

What can you find on the flea market?

As stated above, a flea market is defined by antiques and vintage products. However, the next time you visit a flea market, don’t forget to come back home with the following;

  • Toys 

A flea market has every form of boy’s paraphernalia. You will find uniquely designed train sets, odd-shaped wooden cars, and vintage toys which your kid will love.

  • Silverware 

Vintage kitchenware has much-needed characteristics to make your home beautiful. Sourcing your dining table items from a flea market will help you achieve this.

  • Leather products 

Leather products are flea markets’ staples. Don’t pass by a stall that is selling leather bags without stopping; you will find a rare bag that will give your fashion a right-angle turn.

  • Furniture 

Purchasing furniture that you don’t know its origin can be tricky, but if you find authentic pieces on a flea market, carry them home.

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