The Importance of Learning Economics


Economics is one of the academic subjects that would be easy to highlight as important. Even it has known benefits it is obviously not taught well most of the time. It should be taught in a way wherein there’s appropriate understanding of the fundamental principles and its application in the real world. Economics courses are more designed to explaining theories instead of applying them in practical situations. That is if this subject is ever taught at all in grade school or secondary school. This is why people’s money management skills are so poor. Here are reasons why it is important to learn economics especially when aided with an economics tuition in Singapore.

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Money Management

This is known as the greatest practical benefit of studying economics. Studying the subject itself won’t make one wealthy but failure to learn and apply the basics of saving and investing will keep you poor for life. There are several wrong beliefs of those who are not economically literate. For instance they believe that investing is more like gambling and it is close to what we can expect from a lottery. And they have this idea that credit cards mean free money; that’s why some employees don’t get to see their salary at all. Through studying economics these personal issues and even the nation’s economic issues can be resolved.


The concept is value is both crucial in economics and in personal life. According to Thomas Sewell, there are also non-economic values. He said that economics is not even a value itself. It’s just a way of determining the cost and benefits of trading a value for another.


This is a difficult notion for everyone to understand or accept. In a complex world, we only seek out solutions for problems. But in economics it is said that there isn’t no solution but only trade-offs. This means that we can spend more money on grocery items when we don’t spend so much on our dinner dates. Economics gives people a way to think through things that will make trade-offs more beneficial for them.

Economists often see beyond the visible consequences of their actions.

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