Importance of Visitor Management Systems


Visitor management refers to monitoring the practice of a public building or site by vistiors/non-employees. By gathering rising quantity of information, a Visitor Management System (VMS) can trace the practice of your facility by specific visitors and offer documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. Visitor Managment System is regularly used to balance building security systems and access control systems. As electronic visitor management systems become more ordinary and more commanding, these systems are taking over many of the functions of building security and access control.

Although many scrutinize a paper technique of visitor sign-in to be rapid and simple, this approach can introduce significant risk to an business. Paper logs expose visitor names for anyone to see, and they reduce the perceived professionalism of an business. Regularly, the visitor sign-in names are either unreadable or false. In an emergency such as a fire, it would be very hard to speedily determine who’s still in the building, since names can be rigid to interpret and check out times are not always mandatory or compulsory. Visitor management systems typically inhabit on a PC at the reception desk or other points of entry and mechanize the entire process, from recording a visitor to using badge maker software to create and print visitor ID badges. There are a number of key components.

The primary is a scanner for imprisoning visitor ID information, which can be a driver’s licence, business card, passport, government or military ID, or other form of identification. The ID information can be captured either with an optical character recognition (OCR) scanner, or with a scanning device that can read the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode on the back of a driver’s licence. Ideally, the user should have the ability to scan multiple types of credentials. Optical scanners offer the advantage of capturing the visitor’s photo in addition to name and other information, so it can be included on the visitor ID badge.

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