Important Website Design Practices you Need to Consider for your E-Commerce Website


Creating a profitable e-commerce website involves a lot of elements including user experience, promotional offers, the product you are offering and more. However, your site’s design can make all the difference in terms of making your website profitable. How the site is structured and the process that visitors have to follow will have a great impact on the success of a user checking out. Thus, aside from choosing the best ecommerce website builder, you need to embrace the best e-commerce website design practices for each of your site’s page.  Keep reading to learn more about these practices:

The Homepage

Your homepage is what your visitors will see first on your site. The way you organize your homepage will make the first impression so make sure all important information a visitor may be looking for is there including your opening hours and address. Also, ensure the categories are presented at the top of the page. The homepage needs to present a detailed menu that will guide your visitors through your website.

The Product Page

This page should highlight any of your promotions or specials. Use extra visual attraction such as colors or a lightbox. This will help you create a buzz around your latest products. But, to help visitors make a buying a decision, add customer testimonials to this page. This will reassure visitors of your dependability and transparency.

If you are offering the same product in several colors, consider using GIFs to showcase your range of stock instead of images. GIFs are interactive and can show your products from various angles.

The Checkout Page

In this page, add a few words of encouragement to your customers before they buy your product. For instance, think about congratulating them when they add items to their cart. Also, thank them after they completed the buying process. Moreover, the checkout page is the best place to prove your site’s security. This can be one by including a secure shopping icon on your shopping cart page.

To ensure your customers are always satisfied with your business, be upfront and honest about your policies. Whether it is your refund, cancellation, delivery, or return policies ensure it is available. You can display by having a well-thought FAQ page.

Keep in mind that customers may abandon the checkout because of many things to fill out without guidance. Consider displaying a progress bar or explaining the remaining steps in the checkout process so that your customers will know where they are.

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