Inliven, a centre for Osteoarthritis Solutions in Singapore and a medical centre that offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic, screening and treatment solutions for all bone and joint health conditions, also offers a comprehensive knee-pain assessment in improving the function of the knees while reducing pain.

The medical centre believes that surgery shouldn’t be the first line of treatment that one should take in addressing this bone problem. As it has been a widely acknowledged that before considering any form of knee replacement surgery, people with knee osteoarthritis can usually benefit from exploring non-invasive interventions, especially as part of a personalized treatment plan.

There are several alternative yet highly effective treatments that can now be done in managing of knee pain ardent, and this it through its comprehensive knee-pain assessment.

Accordingly, knee pain is the twinge in the joint area experienced on walking, running or climbing stairs. Or it also manifests when a person’s knees feels weak, give way too easily and got a swelling up feeling sometimes. This is known as Knee Osteoarthritis, a bone pain which can create a vicious circle. The pain and loss of movement can cause sufferers to become less active and that often results in weight gain, which in turn can make the arthritis worse.

In the treatment of this throbbing, Inliven possess the expertise and capability to provide each patient with the necessary X-rays or MRI scans required to diagnose each type of knee pain. The doctors in Inliven will draw up a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plan to assist each patient in improving the function of his knee, as well as reducing the pain.

There are several available treatment options that one can take, and this is far better than the risk of undergoing a surgery. The type of treatment that one should take will depend on the assessment of the doctors of Inliven.

First in line is the physiotherapy consisting of therapy and exercises which will form part of a tailored program developed by qualified physiotherapist.

Patients can likewise use bracing treatment provided by the centre. Inliven provides a lightweight and easy-to-use brace that can apply corrective forces to the leg to take pressure off areas where the arthritis is at its worst.

Medication is also primarily used by doctors in Inliven to manage the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, especially the pain and inflammation. As part of the treatment, patients will be given nutritional advice because managing body weight and losing any surplus weight will help to reduce stress on the knee and ultimately ease the pain.

Injection is one among the available knee treatment options that may come in Hyaluronic acid which can provide temporary relief in some cases. In helping to relieve pain, anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medicines may also be given to patients who need it.

In Inliven, they aspire to enhance patients’ quality of life by using their expertise and knowledge of osteoarthritis (OA) along with cutting edge technology, medication and therapies, to create and deliver personalized treatment plans for people suffering with knee osteoarthritis.

Inliven also hold that people have different health needs; that is why the treatment plans will also vary. The treatment plans of Inliven usually involve a combination of lifestyle changes, knee bracing and physiotherapy, plus appropriate medication and other forms of pain management as required.

As with the formulation of each patient’s personalized treatment plans, Inliven will be always ready to listen, to answer any questions that a patient may have and above all to help them feel better. Each patient’s treatment plan is built around his needs and preferences. The consultants of Inliven will guide each patient on his journey, supporting him to reach his goals and improve his quality of life.

Inliven is a medical center that offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic, screening and treatment solutions for all bone and joint health conditions. It also provides treatment for prolapsed spinal discs, frozen shoulder, trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome as well as other common bone and joint ailments such as acute back pain, neck and shoulder pain, Carpal Tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. It can be found at 10 Sinaran Drive, Novena Medical Center (above Square 2), #08-14 Singapore 30750. For more information, visit:

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