Impurity Bikes makes bike performance atop: Quality bmx parts on sale


Singapore – Impurity Bikes Co., a known bmx shop in Singapore, shows how they produce quality performance through their top quality bmx bike parts. Singapore, being a country that massively promotes the use of bicycle for transportation is aboard with is wide selection of bike items and parts for every biker’s needs.

Bmx bikes, also known as bicycle motocross, are considered high performing bicycles as it is used in off-road setting to perform different stunts. The bicycle is also used in different racing known for its endurance and cutting edge bike parts.

Impurity Bikes is a bmx shop in Singapore which provides high quality parts to keep bmx bikes in its best condition. The company offers a wide scale of selection to maintain or improve the condition of the bicycles which are often used for daring and bold feats and tricks.

From BMX Brake Cable & Gyro to BMX Tyres, Rims & Hubs, Impurity bikes are on board in providing different parts for bmx bicycles. The company also offers different bikes accessories such as stickers to spice up the flair and keep the bikes individualized.

The Singapore showroom of the Impurity bike is open by appointment. Interested clients and customers contact the team and personnel of the company through their email: They can also schedule their preferred appointment by sending sms or whatsapp to its number: 8498 6087.

In the company’s website, the company categorized the parts for the customers and clients to easily locate what they need and choose the right bmx parts which they needs. Here are some of the parts together the brief details of it:

  • BMX Brake Cable & Gyro

Impurity Brake Pads

A 55mm long, threaded brake pads. Best compound we ever tried, so we thought we might sell some at a reasonable price. Looks like any other clear pad, but its not…Fits most BMX brakes.

  • Impurity GST Gyro

Matt Silver, Matt Black, or Matt Purple

The Impurity GST (gyro system technology) is a lightweight 1 1/8” aluminum gyro. Featuring smooth sealed bearing action and a low profile chassis, the impurity GST is perfect for riders who want a gyro that’s as smooth as butter and tough as hell…

Can be used with conventional gyro cables. (2-1 or 2-2 london mod styled cables or a combination of both)

BMX Cranks & BB

  • AFFIX Euro BB for 19mm Axle

German quality Igus bush bearing in aluminium cup. Euro bottom bracket. Light and durable. Faster assembly.

  • Impurity Cranks v3

Impurity cranks! Built to take it all and survive, Impurity cranks feature full 4130 heat treated crmo construction in the crank arms and spindles. Keeping weight down with a hollow butted Crmo spindle, Impurity’s cranks are a mere 75 grams heavier compared to its counterparts with titanium spindles.

There are other categories from the website of the company which are Impurity Bike BMX Brake Cable & Gyro, BMX Chains, BMX Combos, BMX Cranks & BB, BMX Forks, BMX Frame Parts, BMX Frames, BMX Handle Bars, BMX Seat Stuff, BMX Stems, BMX Ti hardware, BMX Tyres, Rims & Hubs MTB, Stickers T-Shirts, and Tools. The photographs of the bmx parts are also available for further examination and details for selection.

About the company:

Impurity Bike sells BMX bicycle parts worldwide from its base in Singapore.  Our online BMX shop sells Impurity, Affix and Tioga BMX bike parts.  Refresh your BMX bikes with new parts from Singapore’s online BMX shop. To find out more, visit:

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