Impurity Bikes offers top quality BMX bike parts in Singapore


Impurity Bikes Co. is the leading shop when it comes to top quality BMX bike parts in Singapore. They provide a great selection of products that every biker in Singapore may need.

A lot of people are getting into cycling nowadays. Cycling offers a variety of benefits to us, as well as to our environment. Cycling is a great way for you to have a fit and healthy body. Moreover, bikes are the ideal choice for those who don’t have a driver’s license or can’t afford to have a car. It is easy to use and way less expensive compared to an automobile. And it is a great way to help the environment: bikes to not emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere, plus it doe not leak oil or hydraulic fluids which can cause water pollution. And they do not take up too much space, and so you can easily avoid traffic when you use it to travel.

And for people in Singapore who are into cycling and are in need of bike parts, Impurity Bikes is ready to provide them with the things that they need.

Impurity Bikes has been providing people with the best BMX bikes and bike parts since its establishment in the year 2009. They are one of the trusted BMX shops in Singapore when it comes to quality products.

The shop offers a wide range of bike parts. They have BMX Brake Cable & Gyro. Brake mounts, brake pads, gyros, and gyro cables of different lengths. The shop also has bike chains, like the AFFIX VIPERA Chains.

Impurity Bikes also provide BMX frame parts. They have BMX frames such as the Femur Special Edition Frame, the Impurity HAF Frame, the Impurity Mirrage and Mirrage 2 Frames, and the Impurity WTF! V3. And for those who want to assemble their own bike frames, they have the Frame COMBOS. Impurity Bikes also offer BMX tires, rims, and hubs, as well as BMX Stems, seats, handle bars, and more.

They do not limit themselves to providing just BMX bikes and parts in Singapore. Impurity Bikes also offer things like bike stickers, as well as T-Shirts. They also have tools for those who are into bike repairs. You can easily find of the products they offer by visiting their e-Store, where you can simply shop online. Impurity Bikes offer free delivery within 24 hours anywhere in Singapore. They also have their own showroom, where they feature all of their products.

For every bike commuter or cycling enthusiast in need of top quality bike parts, Impurity Bikes is ready to provide you with everything that you need, in just one click. They are the shop that has something for everyone.

About Impurity Bikes

Impurity Bikes Co. is a Singapore based BMX shop that has been providing bike parts since 2009. They have a complete range of bicycle parts, from cranks and handle bars to tires and rims. This company ensures that they can give you top quality bike parts anytime, with free delivery anywhere in Singapore.

To know more about Impurity Bikes, you may visit their website:

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