IN3LAB Releases its Robotics Holiday Workshop


Are you considering about the best way for your child to spend the holidays? Well here’s an opportunity you must look into: IN3LAB now offers its very own Robotics Workshop in Singapore. With its various programs, there sure wouldn’t be a dull moment for your little one. Let your child explore every learning possibility by enrolling at IN3LAB today.

Learning at play with the Lego Robotics Workshop Singapore

A simple household or off-the-rack set of puzzles are quite fun to put together. Imagine if your child plays something similar to a puzzle game, only it becomes hundreds of times more fun. This is what IN3LAB can offer. With its programs on Robotics for Kids, they can see and study more about the components of robot. This way, they can put all the parts together towards a fully functioning unit.

Build on 21st century competencies

When your child gets enrolled with IN3LAB’s Robotics Holiday Workshop, you opt for your little one to have the complete learning package. Consider looking into the school’s Coding courses so not only can your child read the ABC’s and musical notes – your little one can also talk robotics. This means your child will know the early fundamentals of programming which is essential these days, especially when it comes to App Development and Computer Software.

Enhance logic and process development

By having your child to attend IN3LAB’s Robotics for kids especially during the holidays, your little one will have the chance to enhance his or her thought process. Your child’s logical abilities will be enhanced since the robots will be formed through a series of practical systems and steps. These will be done through hands-on work, plus programming languages.

In IN3LAB, your child will also progress when it comes to thinking within the realm of a project. Their main goal is to understand and put up the functionalities of a robot. This means they will be constantly focused and working their way around their project at hand, while still having fun in the process.

Enable socialization skills in a learning environment

IN3LAB promotes a fun learning atmosphere, and this means children will gather in groups to focus on a robotics project. They can develop friendships and camaraderie while working on their assigned projects as they get to harness their knowledge-sharing skills. The learning environment further puts your child in a much more welcoming place while at play.

Learn while at play

You can maximize your child’s opportunity to play during the holidays, and this is made possible with IN3LAB’s Robotics Holiday Workshop. As your child puts up fun pieces of robots together while learning robotic or programming languages, he or she will not miss out on the game-filled aspects of the activities. This is exactly what your little one needs to make the most of the holidays.

About IN3LAB:

IN3LAB was founded from the need for kids to further enhance their capabilities in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). As the world progresses with the advances of automation and technology the school thought of providing robotics and programming classes, for the enrichment of their enrollees. To know more about IN3LAB, you may see their site at:

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