IN3LABS Learning Helps Children Gain Competencies for the Future


IN3LABS Learning is founded by educators who have been aware of the lack of quality educational and enrichment options for children to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, also known as STEM in Singapore. Because of this, they have decided to establish a learning centre that will help children gain 21st century competencies in STEM related professions.

With the rise of technology today, there has been a great demand for people who are skilled in certain fields, such as STEM-related fields in Singapore. There is a rise in the need for gifted people who have knowledge in robotics as well as programming. Designing robots and coding applications are as much needed as curing people’s sicknesses. That is why many parents want their children to learn STEM, so that they will obtain skills which they may need once they pursue professions related to the subjects.

However, one of the problems among schools in Singapore is the lack of options that will help meet the growing needs for STEM. IN3LABS Learning is founded by a group of educators who wanted to help schools and parents who felt that there is a lack of quality education and enrichment when it comes to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. For parents who want their children to catch up with the students in more technologically advanced countries like USA and Korea, IN3LABS Learning has been established to provide you with the best education in Singapore.

IN3LABS Learning offers a variety of robotics classes and workshops for children. They provide robotics for kids and coding for kids, for students as young as 5 to 7 years old, to juniors ages 11 to 15 years old. Parents who want their children to spend fruitful holidays will appreciate IN3LAB’s Holiday Camp. This includes training and use of computers, robot kits, curriculum and programming software, which they will use during their training. Through this the children are going to have robotics workshop, where they will learn to design and construct creative robots, as well as learn about robot sensors and function. They will also learn to pick up different programming concepts. They even have scratch programming workshops and lego robotics workshop, where kids can expand their creativity by learning to design robots.

At IN3LABS Learning, kids will gain more than improved knowledge on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; they will also gain strategic and critical thinking. Moreover, they will learn the value of communication and team work. All of these are just the competencies what they will need in order to have a better future.


About IN3LABS Learning

IN3LABS Learning Singapore offers the best quality of educational and enrichment options in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They offer robotics holiday workshops as well as coding for kids in Singapore. They aim to help children have an advantage and gain competencies which they need in this 21st century. If you want your child to have an edge, take them to IN3LABS.

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