IN3LABS Learning Provides Students Proficiency in Technology with New Workshops and Courses


IN3LABS Learning, a leading education and enrichment for children in Singapore, provides students an early introduction and deeper appreciation of Robotics, Coding and Apps Programming with new technology workshops, holiday camps, and certifications.

People may find robotics, coding and apps programming as complex specialties. But In3labs allow its students to understand and enjoy these subjects even at the early stage of life. They give students deeper appreciation of innovation and technology.

Committed to integrate, innovate and inspire, In3labs created exceptional learning environment for the students through their advanced curriculum, skilled trainers, and excellent operations.

The growing need of education to shift in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) inspired In3labs Learning to pursue quality training for children as young as 5 years old. This is to meet the 21st century competencies needed in education due to the technological shift nowadays.

In3labs Learning mainly educates their students with Robotics, and Coding and Apps Programming.

Singapore Robotics workshops and courses are offered to enrich the students’ understanding with robots and functions. For age groups, different classes and course curriculum are developed such as for kids (ages 5-7), juniors (ages 8-12) and seniors (ages 12-16). Certifications and Robotics holiday workshops are also offered in In3labs where students can enjoy hands-on learning. Aside from that, students are encouraged to join competitions in robotics in application of their skills.

Coding for kids in Singapore is made possible by In3labs through coding and apps programming certifications and holiday workshops. They provide students an avenue to easily learn the complex language in coding and programs. Students are able to get hands-on workshops dealing with the basic concepts of programming by developing simple applications to play with.

Students enjoyed the learning they get from the course offered by In3labs. As they have a good grip in robotics and coding, they are able to not just compete but to bag awards both in national and international contests.

Aside from the students, In3labs also realized the need to train professionals and adults. The learning does not limit the old ones to also adapt in the technology swing nowadays. In3labs provide professional development courses for educators and adults who are interested in exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education such as programming and robotics. With these, the teachers are able to incorporate technology to their methods of teaching. Likewise, professionals are given new open doors of opportunity in tech and innovative industries.

In3labs Learning continues to expand their courses and educational strategies to adapt with the changing technology. The courses developed and used in In3labs provide an opportunity for youth to fully understand the technology today. Through it, they are pursued as the future creators in technology as successful inventors and innovators. Now the barrier of technology is broken down by In3labs through educating and enriching students and professionals.


IN3LABS PTE LTD. is a leading education and enrichment center specializing in Robotics, Coding and Apps Programming workshops and certifications. The company caters students as young as five years old up to 16 years old, and professionals to explore technology and innovations. For more information, visit

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