IN3LABS Now Offers Coding Classes for Kids


Singapore’s IN3LABS now has various levels of scratch programming workshop offerings for kids. For parents who would like to take their kids’ learning to a new level, the school’s coding classes will certainly be a great step into their future. IN3LABS currently has Coding with the Arduino MBOT, along with Coder Certifications for Kids, Juniors and Seniors.

Why coding?

Coding is almost everywhere. Primarily meant for computers, this type of language can be applicable whether a person works in Banking, Advertising, Music or Art. As a language, coding can now be found in various industries, which is why it’s among the sought-after 21st century competencies. It all relies on one main idea: computers are in every industry, with the purpose of providing much easier work processes.

Coding with Arduino MBOT Holiday Camp

For parents who would like their kids to have ultimate learning experiences over the holidays, they can look into the Arduino MBOT camp.

The course is meant for kids from 8 to 14 years old, as they get to explore the components and programs which would form into bots. This may also be regarded as an interesting Robotics Workshop in Singapore as various coding and apps programming classes can be formed together into one whole system. In here, kids can see the connection between computer programs and how they relate to daily life.

The Kids Coder Certification

Did you know a child may already grasp the concept of coding, even at the age of 6 or 7? In fact, this is one point of their lives where they are highly receptive to tech ideas while at play. IN3LABS’ Kids Coder Certification offers a one-of-a-kind, coding workshop in Singapore with its Scratch Programming and Android App Inventor. Children will get to appreciate the values involved in creating games and software, especially with the use of codes.

IN3LAB’s Junior Coder Certification

Primary Kids can also get started with learning the basics of coding, since IN3LAB’s Junior Coder Certification does not require prior experience. As a Scratch programming workshop, this particular certification course also has Java, Python, Android App Inventor and many other platforms to be taught. Kids can now be introduced to programming and increase their application creation skills in the process.

With the Junior Coder Certification, children will learn how to develop applications as they work among teams. This should pave the way for them to create their own programs, as they embark on any career they intend to be in.

Advancement to the Senior Coder Certification

While most children enjoy applications and games from a computer, an IN3LAB enrolled child may see the underlying systems which form the same apps and games. The Senior Coder Certification is a project-based course where students get to enhance their skills in coming up with programs with their group mates. It’s quite experiential and hands-on, so the tangible aspects of coding will be fully grasped.

About IN3LAB:

IN3LAB is an academy which offers both robotic and coding courses for children. These include introductory, fun and even intensive courses which are geared to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as fields of growth. To know more about their class offerings, visit:

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