IN3LABS Offers Kids Robotics Introductory


IN3LABS is now offer Kids Robotics Introductory.  This institution has always been known to surprise parents with its innovative robotics courses meant for kids. What makes this more amazing now is that it is opening registration for Kids Robotics Introductory. Kids who are as you as 5 to 7 years old can enroll for the course, regardless of their gender. This totally novel idea aims to make kids appreciate robotics at such an early age. The earlier they start, the better chances they have in actually building their own robots once they have matured into the teens. This is a widely praised move by the IN3LABS.

Kids at the age of 5 to 7 years old often have short attention span. They do not last long in their focus in learning.  Fortunately, the sessions for learning can be as short as 1.5 hours to 2 hours. IN3LABS instructors have found out that this is enough time for the kids to learn a lot already without losing interest in the subject. The main attitudes learned throughout the process are so valuable. The kids are going to learn how to be patient as they try to build basic robots according to the designs presented to them by the instructors.

The course is to be taken by a maximum of 6 students only. This ensures that the child actually gets personalized instruction. His learning capabilities are developed and monitored closely by the IN3LABS instructors. Aside from building the robots, the kids are also given instructions on basic computer operations. After all, the principles in robotics are not that far from that of computers. Software training would also be provided, especially since this may be used in making the robots function. A robot kit may be provided for the students as this is the primary tool for their learning.

The course does not necessitate the kids to be at IN3LABS most of the time. In fact, all that is needed for them is to attend only one session per week. This one session may be spent in classroom discussions. However, it is not the discussions that take much of the time but the hands-on training, which is the most interesting part for the kids. The entire course has a structured curriculum which makes sure that the kids learn robotics in the most gradual and practical way. With the small class size, the learning of the students are optimal.


IN3LABS was formed as a response to demands for quality education that guarantees technological learning.  Since its establishment, it has bannered STEM which is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. IN3LABS believes that the best way to educate kids about robotics is to start them young.  It is because of this that the institution has been known for providing robotics at the early age of 5 to 7 years old. The institution also has advanced courses for older kids.  IN3LABS aims to prepare kids to join the world of technology.  For more information about IN3LABS, visit

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