Cloth.ier breathes new life into traditional Chinese Cheongsam


Clothier is a cheongsam shop in singaporeWhen we look around from any corner of Singapore, what is the percentage of people wearing cheongsam or qipao walking on the streets? This significance resemblance of Chinese culture that was once integral within our lives is slowly fading out due to the fast-paced development and embracement of the western culture. Cheongsam dresses only appear occasionally during traditional festivals and celebrations. Would people will still wear cheongsam, when it is more fitted to blend in our modern society?

Cloth.ier is a Singapore based cheongsam tailor that offers oriental-themed ready-made wear in stores or at their online shop. Their cheongsams or qipaos come in both classic and modern designs, differing in cloth material, cloth prints, and clothing styles. As we are familiar with only the traditional floral motifs, the public might need to think twice when they see Cloth.ier’s intricately designed cheongsams that weaves the now into the past.

Cloth.ier’s cheongsams stand out from the crowd for the following two reasons:

  1. They are not afraid of including bold strokes of colours into their designs

Although Cloth.ier still makes traditional cheongsams that has humble colours with gentler and still floral motifs sewn or printed on, they also have vibrant and bold designs that speaks of individual character and style. Some are inspired by western oil paintings, and the others use great colour contrast to highlight the printed patterns that take on a more exotic taste. The colour of the qipaos itself also, are much stronger colours such as lemon yellow, emerald green, and violet purple.

  1. Their clothing design varies, making it suitable to be incorporated as an office or daily wear

Associated with elegance and grace, cheongsams are hardly considered to be worn at occasions where you will need to walk around a lot and work like most busy working ladies are right now. Cloth.ier made wearing qipao daily possible as they fuse the features of the qipao such as collar designs, sleeve cuttings, and buttons into modern office wear. Their qipaos are made with various new era clothing materials so that it can be worn for every occasion possible. Some of the colours have also been kept plain and down to earth to suit the office dress codes.

Cloth.ier has made great lengths in trying to push the imagination boundaries to create individualistic styles in cheongsam making. They aspire to seek excellence in making exquisite fashion for women that speaks of an understanding of Chinese art and culture. Each piece of clothing that was designed to take into consideration of the lifestyle of modern women, allowing customers to cultivate qipao wearing in their daily routine. Qipao is no more an exclusive clothing for the Chinese people as everyone can wear this with their own style and touch.


Cloth.ier is a company that sells modern oriental themed ready-made wear at various outlets and counters around Singapore. Their clothing can be worn for casual events or work, no longer exclusive for dinners and weddings. To browse their online catalogue or their amazing portfolio, please log on to for more details.

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