Increasing Your Sales by Investing in Your Shop’s Façade


The key to increased sales is a solid customer base, and to do that, your store needs to look appealing enough for people to be enticed to drop by. Sure, the quality of your products plays a major role in bringing in customers, but how your store looks will also play a significant part. A store’s layout and design should be well planned to cater to your customers and compel them to spend more time browsing so that you can increase foot traffic. Your shop’s facade should also exude a welcoming appearance to attract passersby. Below are some design ideas to help you draw in customers.

Play Music

Some shoppers like to keep to themselves while shopping, but that does not mean that your shop needs to be quiet, too. Stores without music can appear to be unwelcoming and exude a cold atmosphere. By playing music, you are adapting a  warm and welcoming ambiance. You can play music from various genres depending on the customers you cater to or according to the seasons you are currently in.

Show Them the View from the Inside

Everything begins at first glance; the competition of attracting customers starts with your storefront. You can choose to be mysterious and use the element of surprise to make passersby curious about your shop. Still, it’s always better to save shoppers time by immediately putting your products or services out there. Creative glass windows will add a stylish flair to your storefront. You can have commercial windows installed by professionals and start decorating from there. Using creative designs and anchoring your shop’s windows to themes and different holidays are proven ways to draw customers.

Use QR Codes

Since most people do not have the leisure to spend extra time inside shops they are not planning to purchase anything from, it is your duty to cater to their needs and make their shopping experience convenient. By displaying QR codes in your shop windows, customers who are in a hurry will not have to enter your shop and queue for payment. Using QR codes also can increase your sales by allowing shoppers to buy from your store even after business hours.

Display Merchandise Outside

As mentioned above, most people do not have the time to browse inside stores they do not plan to buy. To entice them to make a purchase, you can bring your products to them instead. You can create a mini stand or a pop-up store right in front or ways from your shop, and it can contain your bestsellers or even your new products.  Using small samples will also help people experience your products and know what your brand offers.

Create Unique Signage

Since first impressions last, aside from it being a battle about how appealing your storefront looks, the way you design your signage is also important. Using unique signage can pique customers’ interests, but you also have to make sure that your sign is visible from afar, and has all its lights working, so you can keep bringing customers in for evening sales.

Keep It Clean

Having a clean storefront contributes not only to your shop’s atmosphere but also to your brand. Maintaining a clean entrance will allow your business to give off the vibe of being neat and organized, as well as the impression that you offer high-quality products and services. To maintain a clean look, you can do simple daily cleanups and schedule thorough cleaning at least once a week, especially for your shop windows.

Offer Other Services

Aside from your main products, you can also offer other services and advertise them on your shop windows to lure customers in. Most of the time, customers may not need something brand new but are looking for specific services. For instance, if you sell watches, you can offer repairs and battery changes.

Turn Your Store into a Stopover

Every customer that stops by your shop offers a potential purchase, which is why you must make your shop look as welcoming as possible. Since walking about, going in and out of stores, or window shopping can be exhausting, some customers look for shops that offer comfortable facilities while letting them continue browsing. To give your clients an excellent shopping experience, you can install comfortable seats in your shop, create a kid’s corner for their children, or place doggy bowls with water to attract passersby who are walking their pets.

For brick and mortar businesses, the competition is about how to stand out among a collection of stores and get passersby to notice and be enticed to enter your business. By taking the time to polish the appearance of your shop, you can attract customers and eventually increase your sales.

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