Industries That Can Make Use of Animated Explainer Videos


Are you having a hard time holding on to the attention of your market? Do you want to engage your audience in an effective manner? Are you running out of ideas for marketing and selling your product?

No more need to worry. With animated explainer videos, you can seize your target audience’s attention in less than two minutes.

Animated Conversations

One of the most popular marketing and sales tools today is the animated explainer video. For the uninitiated, this type of video is a short and sweet tool that encapsulates your message in an engaging way.

A lengthy and convoluted explanation of how a top employee monitoring software treatment can melt body fat, for example, can be made more entertaining using animation. Presentations with terms that are too technical to remember can be made more memorable with the aid of animated explainer videos. Accounting data and number-rich reports can be made more interesting with whiteboard animation or motion graphics.

A lot of businesses and industries can and should take advantage of this catchy communication tool. Information and entertainment are effectively combined to come up with a quick and lively material that is more likely to catch and hold a viewer’s attention.

While most (if not all) enterprises and organizations can use animated explainer videos, there are specific fields that can benefit more from this marketing medium. Here are some of the industries that can use animated explainer videos to their best advantage:

1. Computer and Technological Industries

Let’s face it. Not every Tom, Dick, or Harry can understand the complicated computer terms or tech lingo used in the computer and technology fields.

For this reason, a 90-seconder animated explainer video can be a great help in explaining complex systems. A short and simple cartoon, for example, can help present a new app or a whiteboard explainer video. The same can be said when you choose to use a whiteboard explainer video in introducing how to use a new database management system to employees.

Whether the target audience is internal or external, a quick and easy way to explain tech-related terms can be solved by animated explainer videos.

2. Financial Institutions

How do you explain financial survey results to a group of non-finance-savvy people in an engaging way? How do you make fractions and percentages look interesting? How can you convince creative arts people, for example, to listen and look at charts and tables of stocks, gains, or losses?

Explaining numbers to some people may not be so easy. Accounting terms, mathematical equations, economics, and other finance-related concepts may sound like alien-speak to some who are not from these industries.

One of the solutions is to use animated explainer videos. Using engaging elements, you can combine entertaining communication techniques with finance-related concepts, products, or services to share with your target market. This way, they will be more inclined to listen and, more importantly, understand what you are presenting to them.

3. Manufacturing Industry

If you are in the manufacturing business, then you can surely make use of animated explainer videos.

For instance, you can use this kind of video to explain the process of manufacturing raw sugarcane into sugar products. You can also explain how your ice cream is made or how your cutting-edge food processor works.

When it comes to explaining the lengthy processes involved in manufacturing, you can rely on animated explainer videos. Whether these videos are shown to your internal stakeholders or to your target market, you can rest assured that you can capture their attention, inspire their imagination, and spur them to take favorable action towards your products or services.

4. Medical and Healthcare Industries

Some of the longest words on the planet can be found in the medical field. How, then, will you be able to explain to a patient about the latest medical technology? How can you effectively explain the advantages of a newly discovered drug?

Medical terms and concepts can be effectively conveyed to the intended audience using animated explainer videos. For example, you can show an animated explainer video of the latest fat reducing program to a client. You can also use this kind of video to show how a new vaccine can help prevent a disease or how a new cream can help erase tissue scars.

The healthcare community can also benefit from animated explainer videos. Agents selling health insurance plans can simply show the benefits of having a health card or a health plan to prospective clients.

5. Non-profit Organizations

Whether you’re campaigning to save the seas, the rainforests, or the very air we breathe, your organization can use animated explainer videos to your advantage. Whatever cause you are fighting for, your non-profit group can make short and swift animated videos explaining your purpose and commitment.

Masterfully blending meaningful content with quality graphics or animation, you can speak to a bigger audience and let your voice be heard. You can surely garner enough attention for the issues you are trying to solve through these videos.

Explain and Entertain

For industries that make use of content that is difficult to explain and understand, animated explainer videos can be an answer. These videos can use lively animation, cartoons, or moving graphics and illustrations to effectively inform and entertain your target audience in a short amount of time.

You can use these videos in your internal presentations, as part of your communication, marketing, and sales efforts, or as a major component of your online and social media campaigns.

People are more and more inclined to stay and listen when they see a short but very compelling presentation. Take this chance to have an animated explainer video created by a professional animation studio and see how your goals are met and even surpassed.


Anthony Lam is the founder of Punchy Digital Media, a creative agency that helps organisations grow using animated videos and creative visual content. Punchy has a team across Australia and Asia and have worked with clients such as Apple, Westpac and the Australian Government running campaigns reaching millions of people. He is a law school dropout and winner of Smart Company’s hot 30 under 30 two years in a row. In addition, Anthony is a founding member of the James Marcon Foundation, a charity that funds art therapy workshops to help battle youth mental health, and a board member of the Entrepreneur Organisations Accelerator program.

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