Info-Tech Systems Integrators is a software company based in Singapore which has developed integrated HR system suitable for the utilization of companies in the country.

Info-Tech’s integrated HR system consists of several software features such as Time Attendance System, Payroll and HR Software , E-leave which is a Web based Online Leave Module, E-mail Pay slip, Employee’s Web portal that includes e-attendance, e-pay slip, e-IR8A, e-personal, e-claim, e-memo and Project Costing Software which is fully integrated with Fingerprint and Biometric time recorders. All of these functions integrated into a single database, providing speedy and accurate management for human resource and office tasks.

Time attendance system provides several advantages to organizations and companies. It makes possible the capacity for the employer to have full direct of all employees’ working hours. It facilitates in controlling labor costs by managing and avoiding over-payments often caused by transcription error, interpretation error and intentional error. Moreover, it saves the company of costs for manual processes as well as the staff that is needed to keep up with them. Time attendance system is with no doubt very essential and invaluable for ensuring acquiescence with labor regulations on the subject of proof of attendance.

E-Leave software is paperless, convenient and fast system means for applying and approving leave requests for employees. It is designed to allow the employees apply their leaves electronically online via web browser or mobile phone. Those applied leaves can be approved by respective approving officers via online. Info-Tech offers it e-leave software which is integrated with its

Payroll System via its single database solution. It operates in course when once employee applied a leave, an e-mail alert will be sent to the approving officer. Once the leave has been approved or rejected by the officer, an e-mail alert will be sent back to the employee as well. While approving, he approving officer can view calendar format report which shows other employee’s leave details on the same day.  It helps the approving officer to approve or reject the leave application. Once the approving Officer approved the leave application, the application will send to the Payroll Officer or HR Manager for final approval. The approved details will be automatically updated in to the Payroll System and the leave details can be shown in the employees pay slip.

Fingerprint system plays important role in recording employees’ IN and OUT timing for attendance and overtime calculation. The fingerprint sensor ought to be in good quality to read the employee’s tricky fingers which is typically dirty, oily and some employees even have sweaty and dry fingers in natural. Info-Tech’s fingerprint readers are built-in with high quality optical sensors which can read fingers in such conditions.

Infopay is a simple and user-friendly payroll software to manage Singapore payroll calculation for employees. Infopay is approved by CPF board, IR8A online submission to IRAS (Auto Inclusion) and all the banks in Singapore for employee salary transfer (online bank GIRO). Info-Tech’s payroll software is packaged with leave functions which tracks employee’s Annual leave, Medical Leave, child care leave and more. Employee’s leave eligibility, taken and balance details can be viewed and printed on the pay slip.  Pay slip can be printed on a sealed pay slip paper or can send via e-mail as PDF format with password protection.

Info-Tech Systems Integrators is a software company based in Singapore, formerly known as Info-Tech Systems International and established in the year 1996. For the past 19 years of experience InfoTech has developed integrated HR system suitable for Singapore companies. In the past InfoTech has implemented more than 5000 biometric systems for 2000 Singapore companies in various industries like Construction, Engineering, Marine, Manufacturing, Retail & Biomedical. It gave rich experience and knowledge to Info tech’s team to manage the implementation and provide better after sales service. Info tech is fully committed and gives high priority on after sales service. Most of the customer’s software & hardware queries & problems will be attended immediately. For more information, visit:

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