Info-Tech System offers state-of-the-art Biometric Time Attendance systems for companies in Singapore


Info- Tech System, a software company that is based in Singapore is renowned for providing cutting-edge HR solutions. They are also a provider of state-of-the-art biometric systems used for different types of industries today.

They are the leading HR software in Singapore for almost two decades now. Info-Tech System is a company renowned for its state-of-the-art products and services. They are committed to be in the lead when it comes to providing quality solutions and meeting the needs of their clients. It is for this reason that they are trusted by over 2000 companies from all over the country since their establishment.  They serve different kinds of industries from Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing to Security Companies, Transport & Logistics and Marine Industry. No other company has been relied on the same way as Info-Tech Systems when it comes to cost-effective solutions.

Info-Tech System offers a wide range of products, from HR software to biometric systems. Info-Tech System offers a selection of highly sophisticated biometric systems time and attendance and other purposes. They have fingerprint access, as well as facial recognition systems.

Part of their selection of biometric system is their Bio Finger, a series of fingerprint biometric systems for time and attendance tracking, as well as door access. Each Bio Finger comes with handy features such as built-in batteries which allow it to remain active even if there is a power failure. There are also LAN and Internet, even SIM drive which lets it send data into the server. This way you get to keep a record of the employees who entered and at what time. There is also the Bio Access, a Fingerprint Door Access Reader that is compact and unique in design, and also comes with a high quality sensor that allows it to effectively detect cut, swollen, dry & wet fingers with high speed conversion and classification.

Info-Tech also recommend their sophisticated facial recognition product called the iFace ii. It is a highly sophisticated product which is powerful enough to detect the facial features of a person, even if they are wearing spectacles or a cap. This is a product applicable for time and attendance, but can also be used for door access. It is the ideal biometric reader for chemical and construction industries, where fingerprint reading may seem inconvenient. Other products which comes with biometric systems include the BCA-ePSS turnstile, which comes with fingerprint recognition system.

At Info-Tech System, companies can improve their security. Biometrics is useful in accurately recording time and attendance of employees, as well as in keeping unauthorized personnel from gaining entry. Thanks to Info-Tech System’s cutting-edge solutions, companies are provided with HR solutions that allows better management of employees.

About Info-Tech Systems

Info-Tech Systems Integrator Pte Ltd is a software company that specializes in providing HR solutions. They have softwares like time attendance systems, as well as E-leave, E-pay slip, payroll, and HR software. They also offer biometric systems such as fingerprint door access, and things like face recognition, and turnstile. They are the company that you can trust to help manage your employees more easily.

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