Info-Tech Systems diversified Biometric systems and indexing techniques for tighter yet controllable security


Info-tech Systems, a software company based in Singapore, designed diverse biometric systems to suit for companies with varied needs and concerns. Biometric systems are programmed and developed with different features for different companies from diverse industries providing different services as well.

Info-tech systems’ provide biometric time attendance and systems with built-in high quality optical sensors which are capable of working even with wet, dry, cut & swelled fingers. This feature prevents any difficulties especially those which involves human errors and irregularities. The company provided five biometric systems which has different useful features for different companies. These are the products from the intricate and astute anticipation of the team behind the info-tech systems. Thus, an efficient attendance tracking system.

Bio Finger I

Product Name : BioFinger I Biometric Reader with Built-in Battery

Biofinger-I is the most advanced biometric device for time attendance purposes with high quality optical sensor which can read even dirty & oil fingerprints. This biometric reader has built-in backup battery which can supply power to standby the device for 2- 3 hours. This model is most suitable where there is a frequent power failure and construction job sites where there is limited or no power supply.

Bio Finger III

Product Name : BioFinger III Fingerprint Reader

Bio Finger BioFinger-III fingerprint reader comes with reliable optical sensor and strong Intel 32bit X-scale CPU. It has double-engine fingerprint identification arithmetic technology which supports 360 degree rotation identification.

Up to 3 fingers per employee can be registered. While doing attendance the employee can use any one of the finger to do clocking. It takes about one second to verify the employee finger and the Date & time has been registered into the device. This fingerprint reader has built-in proximity card reader & key pad..

Bio Finger IV

Product Name : Biofinger IV Fingerprint Time Recorder (WIFI)

BioFinger-IV is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader with Wi-Fi card built-in. This fingerprint reader can able to connect to your Wi-Fi and transfer the data to the software easily. This machine built-in with push algorithm, so once the employee scanned his finger, the data will be pushed to server immediately via Wi-Fi.It has the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm with high performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor. The 3” TFT can display more information vividly, including fingerprint image quality and verification result etc.

Bio Finger V

Product Name : Biofinger V Fingerprint Time Recorder (3G)

BioFinger-V is a latest & smart biometric reader has 3G SIM card & Wi-Fi option with built-in camera. Just insert the SIM card into the reader then the employee attendance record will real time transferred to your server. The data can be transferred via Wi-Fi as well.

SIM card can be a prepaid / post-paid with data plan from Star hub, SingTel or M1. The mobile signal strength can be viewed in the screen. This reader has built-in camera on it head. It captures the employee image once his finger is verified. This model fingerprint reader is highly suitable to use in a remote or mobile location.

Bio Access I

Product Name : INFOTIME BioAccess Fingerprint Reader
Usage : INFOTIME Fingerprint Door Access & Time Attendance

BIO-ACCESS-I biometric reader is compact and unique in design with high quality optical sensor.
The optical sensor effectively detects cut, swelled, too dry & wet fingers with high speed conversion and classification. Different types of time zone setting like some staff’s can access the door 24 x 7 and some staff’s can access only during 9am – 6pm, etc can be set. Door force open & force close can be triggered to the alarm for security purpose.

It has built-in Proximity card Reader as well. If an particular employee’s all the finger has problem / damaged, then that employee can use either proximity card or PIN number to access the door & attendance purpose. This biometric reader has built-in controller which can connect to the door EM lock (Electro Magnetic Lock). Once the employee finger verified it sends the signal to the EM Lock to open the door.

Info-tech Systems continues to provide HR software upgrades to uplift and modernized every operation for the companies in different sectors or business industries.

About Info-Tech Systems Integrators:
Info-Tech Systems Integrators Pte Ltd (ITS) is a software company based in Singapore, formerly known as Info-Tech Systems International Pte Ltd, established in the year 1996. Info Tech’s integrated HR system includes Time Attendance System, Payroll&HR Software , E-leave (Web based Online Leave Module), E-mail Pay slip, Employee’s Web portal (e-attendance, e-pay slip, e-IR8A, e-personal, e-claim, e-memo) & Project Costing Software which is fully integrated with Fingerprint, Biometric time recorders. To know find out more, visit:

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