Info-Tech Systems Innovates HR system with its integrated Software products


Info-tech Systems, a software company based in Singapore, innovates HR systems with its integrated software products to simplify processes for speedy operations and company HR system efficiency. Employees will now be monitored and assessed though the aids of automated programs to keep track of the performances and records of each of the employees which are all paperless. Every single information is encoded and are documented by the programmed system.

For the past 19 years of experience InfoTech has developed software products to address the specific needs of every company specifically in handling HR operations to digitalized practices and make it easier and efficient.

There is no need to stack up piles of paper records and log books just to keep track of the performance of the employees. It introduces a paperless era reflecting the progress of the company adopting to the fast-paced changes of the modern living.

Info-tech Systems has provided the following software products for diverse companies:

Time Attendance Software Lite
Specification:Time Attendance System Version 3.0 integrated with our Payroll software

Time Attendance System is a software which captures employees TIME IN & TIME OUT from the computerized time recorder (Biometric / Card machines) and it calculates the useful information like Lateness, Overtime, allowances, etc. This information can be automatically uploaded into our Payroll Software to calculate the salary information. This Time Attendance software-lite version is developed to suit small & medium company’s basic requirements like Overtime, Lateness, Under time and its reports with cheaper cost.

Time Attendance Software Pro

Product Name :Time Attendance Software
Specification :Time Attendance Software Professional Version 8.0 integrated with our Payroll software

Time Attendance Software is a software which captures employees TIME IN & TIME OUT from our biometric time recorder and it calculates the useful information like Lateness, Overtime, allowances, etc.. This information can be uploaded into the Payroll software to calculate the salary information.

This version has advanced features like Concurrent Multi User Access, Multi Company, unlimited employees and working pattern, Leave Module, Management Analysis Reports, Customized Report Writer, Audit Trial, auto link to our Payroll System.

Payroll & HR Software

INFO-PAY : Payroll & HR Software Electronic-Leave Application
Infopay is a simple & user friendly payroll software to manage Singapore payroll calculation for employees. Infopay is approved by CPF board, IR8A online submission to IRAS (Auto Inclusion) & all the banks in Singapore for employee salary transfer (online bank GIRO).

Our payroll software is packaged with leave functions which tracks employee’s Annual leave, Medical Leave, child care leave, etc. Employee’s leave eligibility, taken & balance details can be viewed & printed on the pay slip. Pay slip can be printed on a sealed pay slip paper or can send via e-mail as PDF format with password protection.

E-Leave Software – Electronic Leave Application System
e-leave software is designed to allow the employees apply their leaves electronically online via web browser or mobile phone. Those applied leaves can be approved by respective approving officers via online.

E-Claim Software – Electronic Claim Application System
E-claim software allows the employee’s to apply their claims online via web browser from office / home. Those applied claims can be approved by respective approving officers via online and link up to the payroll. The user can able to upload their scanned documents together with their claim application. While approving the approver can able to view the supporting document for approval.

E-Appraisal Software – Electronic Appraisal Application System
e-Appraisal software allows creating & assigning appraisal template to the staffs and evaluate by respective managers. Based on the recommendation, the HR manger can take further action like promotion, increment, bonus, etc.

E-Staff Portal (Employee’s Web portal)
Staff portal is web portal where the the employees have access to their own attendance, leave details, pay slip, IR8A forms & their personal particulars. This portal can be hosted at the client server itself and the staff’s can access it from office or home via browser or mobile phone.

Project Costing Software
Job cost is a system which captures the time spent for each and every Job by individual employees and can able to compute the total hours and cost spent for every employee and project.

About Info-Tech Systems Integrators:
Info-Tech Systems Integrators Pte Ltd (ITS) is a software company based in Singapore, formerly known as Info-Tech Systems International Pte Ltd, established in the year 1996. Info Tech’s integrated HR system includes Time Attendance System, Payroll & HR Software , E-leave (Web based Online Leave Module), E-mail Pay slip, Employee’s Web portal (e-attendance, e-pay slip, e-IR8A, e-personal, e-claim, e-memo) & Project Costing Software which is fully integrated with Fingerprint, Biometric time recorders. To know find out more, visit:

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