Info-Tech Systems offers HR software to improve Employee Management


Info-Tech Systems is a company specializing in providing top quality HR software in Singapore. They are a team of professionals that aim to help small & medium companies manage their employees more effectively.

The company has been established almost two decades ago. Today they are one of the most trusted by many Small & Medium Enterprises when it comes to providing HR solutions in Singapore. Info-Tech Systems ensures that their customers are given only the most efficient HR software to make their work easier.

Info-Tech Systems has a wide range of efficient products to help small & medium companies do their employee management more easily. Among the software that they provide include the Time Attendance System. This employee attendance tracking system comes in two different products, the Time Attendance Software Lite and the Time Attendance Software Pro. Both products have a variety of handy features for your HR needs. The Time Attendance Software Lite is a time attendance that is simple and user-friendly, which is why a lot of companies use it. The Time Attendance Software Pro, on the other hand, has more advanced features. It has Concurrent Multi User Access, Multi Company, unlimited employees and working pattern, Leave Module, Management Analysis Reports, Customized Report Writer, Audit Trial, and auto link to the Payroll System. Info-Tech Systems also offer payroll software.

Info-Tech Systems also provides biometric and facial reader. They offer things such as fingerprint door access, which has a backup battery which can supply power for 2-3 hours in case of emergency such as power failure, making it a handy product even at times of emergencies. They also have the BioFinger-IV, an innovative biometric fingerprint reader that has a built-in Wi-Fi card, so that people can connect it to their Wi-Fi. And then the biometric time attendance data will be easily transferred into the server.

Lastly, they have the iFace II, a most advanced face and fingerprint reader designed for employee attendance and door access. When it registers a person’s face, it captures the face position, size, and the shape of the eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw features. And the company also provides turnstile, like the BCA ePSS Half Height Turnstile, which is designed to suit high traffic such as construction sites and workers dormitory. Info-Tech Systems also provides software like E-Leave, E-Claim, E-Appraisal, and a lot of other efficient software which many SMEs in Singapore use today.

There is no other company that could offer such a variety of HR solutions other than Info-Tech Systems. This company has a great understanding of the importance of proper employee management. Thus they ensure to give you only the best services, at all times.

About Info-Tech Systems

Info-Tech Systems Integrator Pte Ltd is a software company that specializes in providing HR solutions. They have softwares like time attendance systems, as well as E-leave, E-pay slip, payroll, and HR software. They also offer biometric systems such as fingerprint door access, and things like face recognition, and turnstile. They are the company that you can trust to help manage your employees more easily.

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