Info-Tech Systems Provides Detailed Product Chart for HR Software


Singapore HR Software OnlineInfo-Tech Systems gives their clients access to a detailed product chart to help them get started with their very own HR Software.

Info-Tech Systems understands the problems and issues companies and business owners are facing when they are trying to implement relevant and new technologies to their day to day activities. This is necessary especially today where competition is fierce in the market which makes it all the more worthwhile for businesses to find and make use of attendance tracking system or perhaps a payroll software to help perform their jobs in a timely and effective manner. With that being said, the issue revolving around the use and application of this type of software is still persistent and Info-Tech Systems aims to give a better understanding and to some extent an overview on how HR Software works.
Info-Tech Systems is able to provide the much needed information shedding some light off with regards to applications used today such as e-leave, facial recognition, bca epss and the likes. The company is able to help you accomplish that with their product chart they offer. The product chart gives their clients a rundown on how the likes of door access system and fingerprint door access get data from the central database. Biometric time attendance works hand in hand with this software creating perfect harmony to its users. This makes time attendance management become a much simpler and easy task with it integrating factors such as turnstile and payroll to their mix of many features. As a result, companies today are able to save a great deal of time and resources in the process.
It is good to hear that Info-Tech Systems has taken the extra steps by putting up a detailed product chart their clients can view at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. Newcomers who are feeling a bit reluctant with the acquisition of timely and relevant HR Software will feel a great measure of relief as readily available information about be found on their website. In addition, Info-Tech Systems makes it relatively easy for just about anyone to get in touch with them with the company providing their telephone and fax number as well as their email for enquiries and other related questions and concerns.
About Info-Tech Systems:
Info-Tech Systems Integrators Pte Ltd (ITS) is a software company based in Singapore, formerly known as Info-Tech Systems International Pte Ltd, established in the year 1996. For the past 19 years of experience InfoTech has developed integrated HR system suitable for Singapore companies. Info Tech’s integrated HR system includes Time Attendance System, Payroll & HR Software , E-leave (Web based Online Leave Module), E-mail Pay slip, Employee’s Web portal (e-attendance, e-pay slip, e-IR8A, e-personal, e-claim, e-memo) & Project Costing Software which is fully integrated with Fingerprint, Biometric time recorders. To find out more, you can head over to their website at

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