Innovating consistent beauty and style: Browart Studio houses brow and lip services for a more consistent and permanent exquisite beauty


Browart Studio, a leading permanent make-up artist in Singapore, houses the increasing prestige of brow and lip services in the beauty domains of beauty bazaar. The company has offers varied services that complete the total look of the customer for an attractive and confident self. The ranges of the services creates a special devotion to the minor facial details that can provide drastic change and enhancement when given appropriate attention, grooming, and care.

From Eyebrow tattooing to lip embroidery in Singapore. Browart Studio gives a platform for the ladies to enhance and improve their facial features without the aid of surgery and operations. Nonetheless, the effect of the services will be longer than those from scent and other make-up. Browart Studio pays a good share of significance to the roles of the lips and eyebrows in making a person look her best. These minor details will complete the whole look making it perfect and gorgeously stunning without exerting much effort unlike before where the generation is fixated to the cheeks, hair, and eyes. The company open doors to a more thorough and meticulous beauty techniques and styles.

The company offers the following services for the eyebrows and lips which are essential facial details that contribute to the whole looks, vibe and appeal of a person:

Brow and Lip services offered by the company:

 Brow Embroidery
 Upper Eyeline
 Lips services
 Brow Shaping
 Brow Resurrection Cream
 Remover Embroidery

The company is also concern about the over-all mien of beauty where they provided for skin and hair removal services to for a flawless beauty. They are dedicated to provide quality services to make every customer confident about themselves and feel pretty not only on the aspect of good looks but also to the over-all appearance of the customer including the young, flawless and glowing condition of the skin.

Waxing is one of the services that shows how the company values the over-all appearance of the customers.

Browart Studio, with expertise of Jenny Xu, also provides top of the line make-up services to style every customer for a party or even in ordinary days as being beautiful should not be an occasional effort but a habit that should be practised everyday.

About Browart Studio:

Browart Studio is a leading permanent make-up artist in Singapore. We specialize in eyebrow, eyeline, and lip embroidery, taking into account your face shape, features, and lifestyle to design and create a suitable look for you. Jenny Xu is one of the featured make-up stylist and facial sculpture expert, and the top tattoo master of Plastic surgery hospital in Shenzhen, China. With her expertise and experience, Browart studio, leads the pedestal lane of beauty studio providing competent make-up artists that has an eye for beauty including techniques and styles to enhance such natural beauty. Jenny Xu was also awarded Most Creative Design in the International Tattoo & Embroidery Contest. To find out more about her and the company, visit:

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