What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest control approach that takes into account many factors such as environmental and biological. Here at Ikari, we do not believe in spraying and praying. Instead, we aim to control pest populations through an integrated approach that applies chemical and non-chemical control measures.


Environmental control

A pest can population can be controlled by managing the environment of infestation. A clean environment with good hygiene and maintenance can discourage pests from visiting and infesting the area. For example, cockroaches that could not find food droppings or food scraps on the ground would not infest the area due to the lack of food. This control technique requires a good understanding of pest ecology and habitat, and is used in conjunction with other control techniques for best effect.


Mechanical control

Mechanical control in Integrated Pest Management involves using physical and mechanical methods such as barriers, fences, and traps. It is the most fundamental and direct way to remove pests or prevent pests from entering the premises.


Biological control

A proper Integrated Pest Management approach must stem from a good biological understanding of the pest. Biological information such as pest habitat, life cycle andcorrect species identification are needed to formulate a solid and effective pest management strategy against the pest. Proper knowledge of the pest can save effort, time, and money in controlling the pest as trial and error is reduced.


Chemical control

The use of chemicals could not be avoided in cases of severe infestation or prevention of pests. Chemical control is a useful method to quickly reduce pest populations. However, the use of chemicals must be targeted and effective to reduce negative impact to the environment. Integration of other control methods together with chemical control is needed to reduce re-infestation probabilities and to manage pest population levels.


Advice and consultation

Ikari provides thorough consultation services to suggest a customized pest control strategy that will solve your pest problems. Our professionals are trained to listen and adjust our methods to your situation. Give us a call or drop us a message at our website for a consultation today!

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