International Beauty Firm Creates Ripples in Medical Aesthetics


If you happen to be in Singapore and you are looking for a place to pamper yourself, Only Aesthetics is the best place to go. Only Aesthetics is an award-winning aesthetics clinic who had bagged the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award and other awards for the technologies and services provided by the company.

Unlike other aesthetics clinic, Only Aesthetics consider each customer as a completely unique individual with its own needs. This philosophy is exactly the opposite of its workers who are trained to work together as a synergized force to ensure efficiency and convenience on the part of the client.

Only Aesthetics has started in 2005 and its business concept is way beyond just a stand-alone aesthetics clinic. Based on its concept of synergy, the clinic is practicing vertical integration wherein it includes franchising, retailing, distribution of medical equipment, and also other forms of global investments.

One thing that makes Only Aesthetics stand out from the rest of the clinics in its industry is that it does not suggest just a single treatment for any individual. The clinic comes up with a comprehensive beauty that is meant for the client but we make sure that it is within the client’s means.

Another edge that Only Aesthetics is proud of is that it does not only focus on the usual beauty spots that are treated in many beauty and skin clinics. It also helps to address body and skin concerns that when left untreated might lead to serious conditions such as diabetes, etc. If you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, this clinic can help you all throughout.

Of course, the usual skin conditions that are a constant pet-peeve of most women are given the most options for treatment. From the face down to the arm and legs, Only Aesthetics has it covered. There are remedies for the fine lines and dark circles around the eyes. Tooth whitening is also one of the popular treatments for those who have teeth color problems.

One more thing that makes Only Aesthetics unique is that it comes with its own array of products to ensure that skin health maintenance is continued. You need not go far as well since the company made sure that you can find everything in its electronic store found in its website. And there’s more, you can also find in the e-store its award-winning beauty products. You need not find it at the mall; it can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Only Aesthetics also shares it beauty tips through the blog that you can find in the site. Here you will get to read about the procedures and products offered by the company. Indeed, Only Aesthetics is the best place to go for someone who needs a complete pampering and makeover.

About Only Aesthetics:
Only Aesthetics is an award-winning medical aesthetics company that has gained the respect of the international arena. It was chosen as the exclusive aesthetics partner of the Miss World 2014 pageant. Only Aesthetics philosophy of aesthetics treatment is one thing that differentiates it from the rest. To find out more about the clinic, you may check this site:

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