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The hustle and bustle lifestyle in Singapore is always on the rise especially, with the amount of HDB units being sold every month. HDB units are always on demand.

Many Singaporeans are stepping into their careers and starting to have a look out for their own HDB units. And every year new schemes and subsidies are being introduced by the government in Singapore. These subsidies include first-time buyer grants, fiancé-fiancée scheme, buy near a flat near your parents’ flat scheme and many more. Jia Property promotes a healthy relationship with its clients for the best solution for their HDB sale/purchase ideas.  Jia property  informs you about the best and hot spots to get your next HDB Flat in Singapore. What does one need to look out before purchasing their flat.


Most importantly, to purchase a flat, you must be financially capable. One of the latest incentives is the grants available for a first-time buyer. This is to encourage young adults to purchase their own roof early.  HDB offers loan schemes based on income of purchaser(s) and incentives to suit the loan repayment process. Other means available are via banks which offer home loans too. Banks, however, couple their loan scheme with a floating interest when HDB’s loan repayment interest is fixed at 2.5% of your principle amount.


Selecting a flat at a convenient district, may it be near your loved ones, close to your workplace, or even near amenities too is up to your preference. One must take note that flats closer to amenities and transport services such as MRT stations tend to be priced higher than flat that are further away. Grants are also available if you could fetch a flat nearby your parents’ flat.


Do also access the surrounding environment before you move in or purchase the flat. Schools, markets, bus stops and the nearest shopping mall are a few factors you need to keep in your checklist when scanning the residential area of your intended flat purchase.

About JIA Property:

Jia Property is one of Singapore’s top real estate service which offers residential, commercial and industrial options to prospective investors. It also has the Overseas Property option for those who are looking into broadening their investment prospects in Australia, Dubai, USA, England and other countries. To know more about the company, visit their website at http://jiaproperty.sg/.

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