Jia Property to Offer Overseas Property from Around the World


Jia Property is keen on expanding their reach not limited only to Singapore but also with properties from around the world. As a result, their clients are able to find a wide variety of properties both local and overseas for them to purchase and acquire.

Jia Property, aside from offering Singapore residential and commercial properties, also caters to international audiences as well. The company understands just how important it is to acquire your very own property ND helping their clients feel safe and secured especially in this present day and age. As such, they take the extra efforts in looking as well as securing properties overseas.

Singapore condo/ec for sale/rent is provided on a regular day to day basis by Jia Property to their clients. Singapore retail shop for rent is a very much sought after service in this thriving country with business booming and new opportunities arising.

This in turn, makes Singapore quite an attractive place to visit by companies, business owners, investors as well as tourists. The need to look a place to stay becomes necessary and it is good to hear that Jia Property is able to provide just that with the likes of Singapore Ang Mo Kio HDB flat for sale, while at the same time, giving their clients extra added options with their overseas properties that are up for grabs.

Among the many overseas properties that they own and offer to their clients, main ones include the Bouverie Street Apartments in Australia, The Bridge @ Phnom Penh Cambodia, AKOYA by DAMAC and Damac Towers @ Dubai, Holiday Inn Express in England, Capital 21 in Malaysia, Park 24 in Thailand and many more. The company is expanding their reach which means their customers can expect to find additional properties in the future for them to own.

Jia Property provides plenty of opportunities for their clients to own their very own property. Whether it is from Singapore or overseas, you will not be finding any shortage of properties that are available in this company. It is good to hear that they are expanding their reach in the online community as well as they have setup and integrated their services over the internet for easy access and reach. As such, their customers are able to get in touch with them personally online.

About Jia Property:

Yin Lan Ping was born in Shanghai, China. She graduated with a bachelor in Engineering Science, and specialized in this field for one of Shanghai’s prestigious Research Centre for over 10 years. She came to Singapore in 1998, and obtained a Diploma in LCCI for management accounting, then transitioned from an accountant to a property agent in 2010, after obtaining her license. With a sincere and positive attitude, Yin Lanping has always been friendly and reliable. She put in a lot of effort in understanding about the property market and making the right decision. The needs of her clients are always her top priority, she always responds to her client’s doubts and questions immediately and with clarity, coherence, and confidence. More additional information, you can head over to their website at http://jiaproperty.sg/ to find out more.

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