Jobplus rolls out additional employment pass application services


jobplus-is-one-of-the-leading-employment-agencies-in-singaporeAnyone who intends to work in another country would always require a legal employment pass to enable them to do so, and wanting to work in Singapore is nothing different. Such matters are somehow complicated if there is no one that could guide you along the way of the employment pass application, given that there are various rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Manpower in the process.

Not only it would be a challenging task to complete, it is very time consuming as well, to the extent it could make a job seeker/employer feel frustrated and stressed out trying to fulfill the requirements of the application process.

JobPlus Singapore helps in the employment pass application process

Jobplus is an employment agency in Singapore that offers advice in providing the ultimate solution to get all these approvals and renewals done. There are different types of foreign employee passes that one could apply for their workers depending on their professions and skills: Employment pass, S pass, work permit and dependent pass. Choosing the appropriate pass for approval is one very important key in allowing a qualified individual to work in Singapore. The application process involves both the employers and the employees, making it tiresome to alias between parties that are in different countries. Therefore, it is always nice to have help from agencies that are experienced in handling these cases to facilitate and speed up the application process.

There are quite some requirements to be met. One of them is the number of work permits and S passes that one company can apply for is subjected to a quota depending on their industrial category. Another one would be the Ministry of Manpower exerts nationality control over work permit holders across different industry categories.  S Pass and Employment Pass holders are also entitled to a minimum qualifying salary of SGD 2,200 and SGD 3,300 respectively. All these rules and regulations would change and update over time, so it is really convenient to have this recruitment agency in Singapore to help monitor and process your application needs.

About the employment agency in Singapore:

Jobplus Singapore recruitment agency is one of the leading employment agencies in Singapore that is established since 2003. Their talent recruitment consultants are well-versed in various industry specialisations such as IT and Technical, Engineering and Construction, Petroleum and Oil Exploration, and Aerospace, just to name a few. All these talents sourced will be screened, shortlisted and interviewed for their prospective employers, saving their time in doing a second filter to fill up their job vacancies. Not only that, Jobplus also offers employment pass application services for employers to smooth out the process of getting professional and semi-skilled workers to work in Singapore. Their other services also include outplacement services, HR consultancy, contract staffing and payroll outsourcing.

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